1. Handsfree Stainless Steel Door Intercom

Handsfree Stainless Steel Door Intercom

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Handsfree Stainless Steel Door Intercom
Part Number: VIK-E-40-SS

Handsfree Door Intercom

The Handsfree Door Intercom is a speaker phone designed to provide two-way handsfree communication to the Door Intercom Controller with Call Forwarding. When the "Call" button is pressed, this intercom comes off-hook and the controller routes the call as programmed. Not designed for use directly in rain or snow.


  • Commercial, industrial and residential door security
  • Door or gate communication
  • Business delivery entrances
Mounts in a single-gang electrical box.


      • Compact size: Front panel is the size of a typical single gang mid- size wall plate

      • Mounting: Flush mounts in any single gang (1.7in. deep minimum) electrical box

      • Vandal Resistant Features: 16 gauge polished brass or 18 gauge stainless steel faceplate, stainless steel push button, stainless steel speaker screen, scratch resistant powder coating, hex drive mounting screws

      • Telephone line powered

      • Microphone and speaker volume controls

      • Programmable Intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up on CPC, silence, busy signal, or time out

      • Selectable auto answer feature for monitoring

      • Programmable VOX (mic/speaker) switching speed

      • Weather Resistant Features: Mylar speaker, faceplate gasket, mic and speaker gasket, internally sealed (IP67) push button switch, self draining mic mount and UV stable weather resistant powder coating (excluding E-40-SS Stainless Steel faceplate)

      • Power: Telephone line powered (18 VDC/20mA minimum)

      • Dimensions: Faceplate: 123.8mm x 79.4mm x 4.6mm (4.875 in. x 3.125 in. x 0.18 in.), Rough-in box (Allied Molded 9331): 86.4mm x 61mm x 63.5mm (3.4 in. x 2.4 in. x 2.5 in.)

      • Operating Temperature: -32 DC. to 54 DC. (-25 DF. to 130 DF.)

      • Humidity: Standard model: 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity, EWP model: up to 100% humidity

      • Speaker Volume: Approximately 62db maximum at 1m

      • Ring Voltage: 25V AC RMS minimum (for auto answer)

      • CPC Disconnect Time: 300ms minimum

      • REN: 0.8A

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