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Hensel Phelps Construction Elevator IntercomConstruction Company Hensel Phelps recently needed construction elevator communication systems for two of their California construction sites and they chose the IntercomsOnline's totally wireless construction elevator system to do the job.

Free GuideTraditional manlift operator intercoms require running power cables between floors. These power cables, and the connectors to them, are all points of failure. In the harsh environment of a building under construction, the chances of a cable getting cut or pinched are very high.

A construction lift is the lifeline for workers to get down from the building in an emergency, and if there is no power to the lift intercoms, this poses a serious risk to the workers. Not to mention that construction delays caused by communication failures are extremely expensive.

The IntercomsOnline solution is totally wireless so power loss is never a problem. There are no wires to get cut because the units run on batteries that last for upwards of 7000 transmissions. Even if power to the building goes down, communication continues resulting in a safer construction site.

Hensel Phelps CEO Mike Choutka has made it his mission to make Hensel Phelps the safest company in its industry and stated that, "Working safely is the most important thing we do." Reliable communication on the manlift is one of the many keys to a safe work environment.

Hensel Phelp's Jerod Coleman of La Jolla, California is using this system and he had this to say: "Hensel Phelps has been using the product since November ’19 and we have been greatly satisfied with the intercoms. They have absolutely served their intended purpose and were very easy to set up and install. For future projects this product will be considered and recommended."

In addition to construction lift communication, IntercomsOnline also has a complete system for emergency construction site notification that is based the same technology. They can be reached by calling 888-298-9489

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