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While the security industry is talking about how to lower the cost of networked surveillance cameras as compared to analog cameras, while that is happening, the high end market for cameras over $1000 is growing just as fast as the low end. This means that all levels of the surveillance market are growing so dealers and integrators should remain open to both spectrums of the market.

There are several new camera types you can use to increase the revenue per camera your security company brings in:

Thermal Cameras: These are the most expensive but until of late have not added much growth to camera port count. Now lower cost cameras below "military grade" are increasingly being sold.

5+ Megapixel Cameras Replacing Pan, Tillt and Zoom (PTZ): PTZ sales are flat while sales of 5+ megapixel cameras are growing. PTZ sales still account for a larger number of units sold, and 2 mega pixel to 5 mega pixel cameras are the fastest growing segment.

Intelligent Cameras: Cameras with expensive analytic software are used to replace bulky DVR type devices. Third party software added to cameras enables changing the software in the future to give new features, which could be one of the fastest growing high end segments.

Wide-Area Monitoring: Systems that consist of multiple cameras with software to stitch together a very wide-area for monitoring can cost more than $10,000 per camera system.

High-End Enclosures and Optics: Blast-proof enclosures and long range optics with stabilizing software technology are also included in the high end camera market.

You may hear a lot of talk about lower costs per camera, but in reality, overall camera costs are going up which can be a good thing for you!

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