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Hot Line Analog Intercom

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This hot-line intercom that lets you program a phone number in it so anytime the handset is picked up, it will call that number. It auto-dials a 1-32 digit programmable phone number each time the handset is lifted.
Part Number: VK1021
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This Viking hot-line intercom lets you program a phone number in it so anytime the handset is picked up, it will call that number. It can be programmed to dial up to 5 different numbers on ring no answer or busy and can be configured to dial these numbers until answered.

The intercom consists of a heavy gauge stainless steel panel and a all metal powder-coated housing. The number is programmed into the hot-line intercom using a standard touch tone phone that you provide. Any phone with tone dialing will work. To get into programming mode, you call the phone number of the hot-line phone.

There are two versions of this hot line intercom. The Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) outdoor version shares all of the features of the non-EWP version in addition to Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. EWP products feature foam rubber gaskets and boots, sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards with internally sealed, field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches for easy onsite programming.

The product mounts on a flat surface or pole.

You will need an analog phone line that this device can connect to and given that analog lines from telephone companies are getting very expensive, we recommend you use a Voice Over IP (VOIP) service which are very cost effective. Below are two that you could use:

https://www.magicjack.com/- $50 a year

https://www.ooma.com/telo/ $99 for hardware and free service (taxes and fees apply - estimated $4 a month)


  • Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature for proper operation in noisy environments
  • Vandal Resistant Features: 14 gauge louvered 316 stainless steel faceplate with permanent laser etched graphics, speaker/mic screen, heavy duty metal “Call” button and T-10 Torx security mounting screws and drive bit
  • Weather Resistant Features: Marine grade 316 stainless steel faceplate, screws and push button switch. Switch internally sealed per IP67. Mylar speaker. Self-draining mic mount. Faceplate, mic and speaker gaskets. Weather resistant powder paint on optional
  • Extended temperature range (-15°F to 130°F)
  • The outdoor version is designed to meet IP66 Ingress Protection Rating
  • Telephone line powered
  • Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required)
  • Programmable to dial up to 5 numbers on busy / ring no answer
  • Blue off-hook LED indicator
  • Volume adjustments for microphone and speaker
  • Advanced call progress detection: disconnects on busy signal, return to dial tone, CPC, reorder tone, maximum call time out and programmable silence time out
  • Selectable auto-answer feature for monitoring
  • Includes surface mount back box: Dimensions: 5.22? x 5.14? x 3.4? (133mm x 131mm x 86mm); Material: 16 gauge cold rolled steel (CRS); Finish: UV stable black fine texture powder paint
  • Power: Telephone line powered. Minimum 24V DC talk battery voltage, with a minimum loop current of 20mA loop.
  • Minimum Ring Voltage: 25VAC RMS
  • REN #: 0.5A
  • Dimensions: Overall-127mm x 127mm x 57mm (5” x 5” x 2.25”),
  • Plastic Electrical Box-102mm x 102mm x 54mm (4” x 4” x 2.12”)
  • Shipping Weight: 1 Kg (2.2 lbs)
  • Operating Temperature: -26°C to 54°C (-15°F to 130°F)
  • Humidity - E-30: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Humidity - E-30-EWP: Up to 100% condensing
  • Connections: Gel-filled butt connectors

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