1. Indoor Surface Mount Substation with Privacy

Indoor Surface Mount Substation with Privacy

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Adds another substation to your system. Privacy button keeps master station from listening in.
Part Number: LE-AN
This substation enables you to add more indoor substations to your system, but it also has a privacy button that keeps the Master station from listening in to the area around it when the Privacy button is pressed.

This Substation can call the Master by pressing the Call button. A tone will sound as long as the Call button is pressed. Once the Master responds, the Substation can then talk hands free and the Master station operator will need to press the Talk button to reply.

Only two conductor wiring is needed from a Substation to the Master. Substations cannot share a wire with each other.

No additional power supply is required to add more substations.


  • Simple voice communications to Master
  • Privacy button keeps Master from listening in when pressed.
  • Indoor use only
  • Electronic call tone to Master
  • Hands free communication at Substations
  • Monitor Substation area undetected from Master
  • Voice and call tone volume controls
  • Simple 2 conductor shielded wiring between Substation and Master station
  • Wiring Distance: 650' w/22AWG; 1570' w/18AWG
  • Communication: Press-to-talk, release-to-listen at master station. Hands free at Substation.
  • Dimensions Substation: 6-1/4" x 5-1/8" x 2"

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