Note that this equipment uses Voice over IP technology and is best installed by IT technicians who are familiar with networking equipment installation. However, to make installation easier we have an install file you can download that will set up the majority of the system for you. You will still need to do a little programming on for the phone so you should be comfortable with using a Windows PC.

The complete written installation instructions are in the following PDF file, however you may want to watch the videos below first. Please select the instructions for the system you purchased:
ZT1001 High-Definition Audio Wired Truck Scale Intercom Kit
ZT1010 Speakerphone Hi-Def Audio Wired Truck Scale Kit
ZT1011 Speed Dial Hi-Def Audio Wired Truck Scale Kit

Step 1. Right click on the following zip file and save it to your PC somewhere you can find it again. Do not unzip the file.

Step 2. Next you need to set the IP Address on your Windows PC so a web browser will communicate with the intercom equipment.
Changing the IP Address on your Windows PC Ethernet Adapter

Step 3. Plug the PC and the Turbine TCIS-2 into the Ethernet POE switch. DO NOT plug in the ISTV-1 phone yet.

Step 4. Discover the current IP address of the TCIS-2
IP Address Readout on the TCIS-2

Step 5. Use a Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser to log in to the TCIS-2.
1.In the browser’s address bar, type the station IP address and press the ENTER key. The station login page will be displayed.

2.Click Login and enter the default User name: admin

3.Enter the default Password: alphaadmin

4.The Station Information page will now be displayed, showing the IP station configuration and status.

5.In Main Settings, set "Mode" = Edge Controller. Enable Static IP.

6.Press Save

Step 6. Now you will upload the configuration file to the Turbine TCIS-2
1. Under Main > Recovery click on Advanced configuration mode and type in the password 1851
Put a checkmark in the box and click Save
Click Reload.

Now to upload the configuration file.
4. Cl
ick Station Administration > Recovery
. Click the Browse button and find the ipst_config.tar you downloaded from our website.
Click the Upload button

When you get the following message click the Apply button. The system will reboot with a new IP address:

The IP addresses of the ISTV-1 and the TCIS-2 will change to the following:



Step 7:
Set the IP address on the ISTV-1 phone so it matches the settings in the Edge Controller

Setting the IP Address on the ISTV-1 Phone

Step 8:
Set the SIP settings on the ISTV-1 phone so it matches the settings in the Edge Controller

Setting the SIP Settings on the ITSV-1

Your system is now ready to use.

Grandstream GXP1628 Phone Factory Reset