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The features available for an intercom system really depend on what system you are looking at and what you are trying to accomplish. Wired systems have different capabilities than wireless systems.

Below are a few features you'll find on our intercom systems:

Call Individual Rooms: This is something wired systems are better at doing. Wireless intercom systems broadcast to all stations. The only way you can call individual rooms is if all systems are set to different channels (there are typically 4-5 channels). The problem with this is that if someone changes the channel to talk to you on your channel, but then doesn't change back, how will you know where to call them? If everyone is on the same channel, they hear everything being said. 

Handsfree: This feature enables you to press a button, let go, and then talk to a person at another station without having to hold a button down. Most available intercoms don't do this all that well. Some wired systems have the ability to put a substation in monitor mode so you can constantly hear what's being said and then you just have to press a button to talk to them.  If you need this feature, you may be better off going with a telephone system

Video Recording: The Expandable Recording Color Video Intercom System is a video intercom that has a built-in live video recording function that provides a date and time stamp to show you who was at your door even when you are not home. You can pop out the its memory cartridge and copy the video to your computer. It's a little bit like a security camera attached to a digital video recorder.

Video Monitor: This feature allows you to monitor anything around the door phone camera. You'll press a Monitor button and the camera will activate without alerting anyone by the camera. Using this feature you can check on the kids playing in the yard, check so see who is at the front door even if they don't press the call button on your door phone, or observe the area if you suspect vandalism or some other crime. Most video intercoms have this capability.

Electric Door or Gate Opener: If you add an optional electric door opener to a door intercom or wireless callbox, some systems will let you press a button to unlock the door remotely. The MURS Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom with Gate Relay has this capability.

Long Range Wireless Intercom: The MURS long range wireless intercoms have the ability to work at ranges of a mile or more. There are a wide variety of MURS devices that meet lots of different needs.

Digital Privacy Wireless Intercom: The UWS WireFree system had digital privacy so you conversations remain secure.

Use Existing Telephones: The DoorBell Fon DP-28WT Doorbell Intercom System lets you use your existing telephones to respond to visitors at your door, and you can even unlock the door provided you have a an electric door lock installed.