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When choosing an intercom system, it's essential to consider the specific features that align with your needs and the differences between wired and wireless systems.

Call Individual Rooms

Wired Systems: These systems excel at calling individual rooms. They can be set up to direct calls to specific locations without broadcasting to all stations.

Wireless Systems: Typically, wireless intercoms broadcast to all stations unless each system is set to a different channel (usually 4-5 channels available). However, this can be cumbersome as users need to switch channels to communicate and may forget to switch back.

Handsfree Operation

This feature allows you to press a button, let go, and talk without holding the button down. Many intercoms struggle with this functionality, but some wired systems can put a substation in monitor mode, letting you hear constantly and talk by pressing a button. The cell phone intercoms and Wi-Fi intercoms have this capability.

Video Recording and Monitoring

The Video Intercom Systems offers live video recording with a date and time stamp, functioning like a security camera with a digital video recorder. You can transfer recordings to your computer using its memory cartridge. The video monitoring feature lets you monitor the area around the door phone camera without alerting those near the camera. Useful for checking on children, seeing who is at the door without them ringing the bell, or observing potential vandalism or crime. Most video intercoms include this capability.

Electric Door or Gate Opener

Most systems can unlock doors remotely when paired with an optional electric door opener. For example, a MURS Callbox Outdoor Intercom with Gate Relay offers this functionality, enhancing convenience and security.

Long Range Wireless Intercom

MURS Long Range Wireless Intercoms can operate over a mile or more, catering to various needs with a range of devices.

Digital Wireless Intercom

The Hands Free Speakerphone Wireless Gate System system ensures your conversations remain secure with digital privacy and it has simultaneous 2-way communication without having to press a button to talk.

Use Existing Telephones

The Doorbell Intercom System allows you to use your existing telephones to respond to visitors and unlock the door if an electric door lock is installed.

By considering these features, you can select the intercom system that best fits your requirements.