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How to Choose an Intercom Entry System
Choosing the right intercom entry system is crucial for enhancing security, communication, and convenience. Let’s delve into some key considerations and explore the available technologies:

Single-Occupant vs. Multi-Tenant Systems:

Determine whether you need an intercom system for a single-occupant location (such as a house) or a multi-tenant environment (apartments, condos, or business complexes). This decision will guide your choice.
For multi-tenant properties, opt for systems that allow communication with multiple units.

Wireless vs. Wired:

Consider the pros and cons of wireless and wired systems:

  • Cell Phone Intercom: Utilizes cell phone service at the entryway. When someone presses the intercom button, it calls a pre-programmed phone number. Suitable for both single-occupant and multi-tenant setups.
  • Wi-Fi or CAT-5 Intercoms: These wireless systems communicate with an app on iOS or Android devices. When the button is pressed, the app opens, showing video of the visitor and enabling two-way communication. There is no monthly subscription fee. Ideal for single-occupant applications. Can also be hardwired with CAT-5 wire.
  • 2-Way Radio Intercoms: These systems use 2-way radio frequencies and can communicate over long distances (up to a mile or more). Some models are battery-powered and can activate electric door strikes or gate controllers.

  • 2-Wire or CAT-5 Audio Intercoms: These systems require a physical wire running from the entryway to an intercom station inside the building. They lack the ability to contact off-site individuals. Available for both single-occupant and multi-tenant installations.
  • CAT-5 Internet-Based Systems: Certain multi-tenant entry systems connect directly to the Internet, enabling cloud-based services. Tenants receive calls on their smartphones and can see and interact with visitors remotely.
Remember to assess your specific needs, property type, and desired features when selecting an intercom entry system. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, the right system can significantly enhance security and convenience. If you would like to make sure you choose the right intercom entry system for you, call our product experts at 888-298-9489 and let us help you.
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