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When choosing an intercom entry system for a commercial or residential entry, the first decisions are whether you want wireless or wired and video or audio only, There are systems in every type so you should be able to find what you need.

wireless door entry systemsIf your entry intercom only needs audio, you have a greater number of systems to choose from. Simple wired products just require running two wires between the door and the location you want answering calls from the door. A telephone entry system can also call any phone number you program into it.

A wireless door entry system can usually call multiple points inside the building and people can be mobile as they take calls. The wireless systems are usually a little more expensive, but if you need to pay someone to run the wire then they may actually be less expensive.

Video door entry systems give you the added benefit of seeing who is at the door. Both wired and wireless systems are available so you can get many of the same benefits as a wired audio system.

You can see available systems here: intercom entry systems