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There are two kinds of visitors that arrive at your security gate. There are the visitors who you want to call you before you give them access to your property, and those regulars who you just want to enter on their own. An intercom keypad for gates can handle both types.

With a keypad you can give your friends, landscapers, delivery drivers, or anyone you trust with a code access to your property without your involvement. They just enter their code and it activates your electric gate opener.

The intercom part of this combo enables you to have two way communication when visitors drive up and press the button. You can also press a button remotely to activate a switch closure on the intercom which will then open your gate. No need to go out and open it manually anymore.

There are also intercoms that use cell phone technology and you can program caller ID for those people you trust into the intercom and when they arrive all they have to do is speed dial you gate intercom and the gate will open. No need for a keypad at all.

If you need help in choosing the right intercom keypad for your gate, give us a call at 615-662-4141.

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