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A traditional intercom paging system uses a master station that calls wired speakers throughout your building. If you don't already have these speakers installed, it can cost thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars to run wire depending on the size of the building. We worked with a company that received a $70,000 quote on a very large wired paging system, but using our wireless system they were able to install one for less than $10K.

A wireless intercom paging system uses wireless intercom units that transmit to wireless public address (PA) receivers placed about the building. Each receiver can have two horn speakers attached for greater coverage area. In addition there are transmitters that can send pre-recorded messages or tones so the system can also be used as an emergency evacuation system as well.

To transmit to the wireless PA units you can use a base station intercom that sits on a desk or wall, or you can use a handheld 2-way radio. That enables you to be mobile and still broadcast messages to the PA system.

If you already have partial building coverage with a wired PA system, we also have a wireless PA interface that enables you to use 2-way radios to broadcast to your hardwired system as well as to new wireless PA receivers for the other areas where you need coverage.

The graphic below shows the components that can go into commercial intercom paging systems. If you need help in creating a system for you please call us at 888-298-9489.

Wireless Intercom Paging System

If you are planning on using the intercom paging system as for an evacuation system, the following video covers the details on that.


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