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MURS 151-XT Wireless Golf Course Ordering System

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This heavy duty unit comes with everything you need to let your customers place orders on your snack bar while they are still golfing. Includes a base station and a handheld.
Part Number: RT1020

The MURS 151-XT system helps you increase your snack bar sales and customer satisfaction at the same time. This durable two-way golf course ordering system enables golfers to order concessions while still on the course. Orders can either be delivered by your food or beverage cart, or they can be ready and waiting when the golfers finish their game.

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Since the system is totally wireless, there is noexpensive trenching and installation. This system uses the MURSunlicensed frequency so no FCC license is required.

Not only does the wireless ordering systemincrease sales, but it also speeds up play on the last nine holes sincegolfers want to get to their food. Everyone wins with this system. Thegolfers are happy because they don't have to wait for their food, andyou're happy because your profits are increased.


The Callbox is the same as our MURS Callbox Outdoor Intercom. It is a virtually indestructible stainless steel and fiberglass housed outdoor intercom that can be battery or AC powered.

You can use any of our MURS-labeled wireless products with your MURS 151-XT system. The components are identical to our MURS Commercial Intercom and the MURS Callbox Outdoor Intercom. MURS 151-XT is a package-priced option that includes the following products: golf course intercom with solar panel

To increase safety of your golfers and employees, the base station intercom and handheld units both have NOAA Weather Scan, which aids in early detection of adverse weather conditions. Safety of your golfers is also improved since the Callboxes can be used to request emergency defibrillator deployment from anywhere on the course.

Installing the MURS 151-XT Wireless Ordering System is a quick way to have golfers preferring your course over others in your area.

If you need an external antenna for a MURS Intercom, then click on this link: MURS Antenna

  • Tamper resistant enclosure with stainless steel face plate, measures 11.5"H x 9.5"W x 4"D
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • 1-Amp switch output that can be activated when the Callbox receives a unique 2-Tone encode signal from the MURS Commercial Intercom
  • The Callbox speaker volume can be programmed to any level desired between 2 - 100%
  • External 12 Volt DC transformer included (requires 110 VAC available at the installation location)
  • Can be powered with 6 rechargeable D-cell Alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries. Batteries can be used as a back-up in case of power outage
  • Batteries good for one year or up to 1,000 transmissions when used in Automatic Turn-Off mode.
  • Low Battery Alert
  • External Power Fail Alert
  • When used with transformer power (requires 110 VAC available at the gate) the OutPost is programmed so intercom is always on Low battery alert Works with 12 VDC operator systems only
  • Current draw: Standby mode - 80mA, Receiving a call - 200mA, Transmitting - 500-600mA 1 channel, 1 watt transmitter
  • Pre-programmed for your specific needs, also field programmable for some features
  • Line of site range up to 1 mile with included antenna
  • Simple push-to-talk operation, two-way voice communication to remote radio or base station
  • Reliable integrated RF design
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA

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