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MURS Alert Base Kit

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If you need a driveway alarm with long range, this one goes up to four miles!. It doesn't have an voice communications, but it can handle up to 4 zones.
Part Number: DA1012
The MURS Alert outdoor long range transmitter is a revolutionary new way to monitor driveways, trails, or sidewalks. The MURS Alert Transmitter uses an infrared sensor and is mounted to a tree or a post to monitor activity at locations up to 4 miles away. If you only want to detect vehicles in your driveway, you can bury the MURS Alert Probe Sensor along side your driveway so you won't have false alarms from passing deer or other animals.

A MURS Alert can detect people, vehicles, or large animals, and then send an alert message to the MURS Multi-Mile Base Intercom base station in addition to the MURS Handheld. Up to four different zones can be monitored simultaneously using four MURS Alert units.

The alert message is not just a tone, but it is spoken in English three times repeating the phrase "Alert Zone One," "Alert Zone Two," "Alert Zone Three," or "Alert Zone Four" depending on the zone that has been triggered. The alert message spoken is easily selected during setup of the transmitter. The MURS base stations also have a relay switch that is activated when a zone is triggered. You can wire an external alert device such as a bell or siren to this switch for a louder alert.

Like the MURS base station and handheld, both the MURS Alert Transmitter and Probe Sensor have five channels and 38 sub-channels to choose from to help eliminate interference from other users.

The extended range of the MURS Alert Transmitter and Probe Sensor helps in monitoring areas that have been very difficult to monitor in the past.

It will be of great value to businesses trying to monitor customer traffic, security guards trying to monitor remote warehouses, farmers monitoring vacant farm sites, and hunters monitoring game trails . MURS Alert will give you real time monitoring of any location that you choose.

See the applications and other products available for MURS in the MURS Product Brochure (requires the free Adobe PDF Reader to view and print).

If you need an external antenna for a MURS Intercom, then click on this link: MURS Antenna


  • Installs and sets up in minutes.
  • Up to 4 MURS Alert Transmitters or Probe Sensors can be used on the MURS base stations or handhelds.
  • Weatherproof transmitter withstands the most harsh conditions.
  • Works with the MURS base station or handheld unit.
  • Five available channels with 38 sub-channels.
  • The MURS Alert Transmitter and Probe Sensor is powered by 6 alkaline AA batteries (For the Transmitter, batteries last about 1 year under most conditions. For the Probe Sensor, batteries last about 6 months under most conditions).
  • Will communicate up to 4 miles with clear line of sight. Expect your range to be less in buildings, with electrical interference, or with obstructions in the way.
  • The transmitter detects motion up to 80 feet away.
  • No FCC license required for operation.
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Transmitter:
  • The MURS Alert Transmitter is powered by 6 alkaline AA batteries. Batteries last about 1 year under most conditions.
  • The transmitter detects motion up to 80 feet away (3 range settings: 30, 50, and 80 feet).
  • Filter for indoor or outdoor use.
  • LED can be set to flash when motion detected, or remain dark.
  • Average battery life is 6 months using good alkaline batteries under normal use (extreme cold can reduce battery life).
  • 6 AAA batteries.
  • Reset time after trigger: 15 seconds or 120 seconds.
  • Programmable frequency to five MURS channels and 38 subchannels.
  • Low battery alert indication by sending a second alert message after the first one.

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