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MURS NT Two-Way Radio (1 unit)

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The small size, lightweight, two-way radio/wireless intercom works in the MURS un-licensed frequencies. This radio features gate unlock control, and Emergency Call Feature. Comes with recharging base.
Part Number: RT1116

The MURS NT is ultra small in size, lightweight, and high power. This radio only weighs 10 ounces and fits nicely in your hand. You can use it with other MURS radios, plus this one is specifically good for use with our MURS Callboxes with Gate Control. If you need to open a gate, all you have to do is press one of the feature buttons on the MURS NT and it will activate the relay on the Callbox. We deliver this radio with its Orange button on top programmed to open a gate on our gate opening callboxes.

In addition there are three Programmable Feature Buttons (PFB) on the front face that provide easy, one-button access to a specific feature/function. These buttons can be programmed to have no function when pressed, toggle ON or OFF a specific feature, transmit a Call Tone, or a variety of other features/functions (see below in the Feature Highlights section for features that can be programmed on the PFBs, or are selectable through a menu choice). If you want to program additional feature buttons, you will need the optional PC programming kit.

If you just need a solution for your on-site and in-plant communications, the MURS NT is an excellent solution to use with other MURS radios. At the push-of-a-button, you can be in two places at once to communicate with multiple work groups, coordinate activities, or expedite customer orders.

The rugged and reliable MURS NT portable radio will save you time and money by allowing your employees to work smarter and more efficiently with no air-time charges or monthly fees. It is built to Military-Specification standards, which makes it resistant to damage from drops, dust, and moisture. Three decades of designing, manufacturing, and supplying reliable, professional wireless communications products worldwide has led to one of the best two-way radios on the market today.

The MURS NT also has an Emergency Call Feature which allows the radio user to immediately notify all other radios on the same channel. For example, if the radio user should become injured, trapped, or is in danger, a simple push of the orange button will activate this feature. When this button is pressed for 2 seconds the radio sends the alert tone which sounds in the speakers on other radios. The microphone on the sending radio is activated so the radio will transmit "hands-free" for 5 seconds after the emergency tone is sounded. This allows the person sending the alert to verbally call for help without having to press the button again.

Use the MURS NT for Security, Schools, Construction, Retail Stores, Manufacturing/Warehousing, Special Events, Maintenance, Hotel/Motel/Property Management, or any application where you need to be mobile, but still need to be in touch.

Coverage estimates: At full power, line-of-sight, no obstructions the range is approximately 4+ miles. Indoor coverage is approximately 270,000 sq ft. Expect about 20 floors vertical coverage. Note: Range and coverage are estimates and are not guaranteed.

Each radio includes: Flexible Antenna, Lithium-ion Battery, Spring Action Belt Clip and Dual Slot Charger (2.5 HR) with 110-240 VAC, 47-64 Hz cube power supply. There are also optional accessories such as speaker microphones and headsets that you can purchase.


  • Operates in the MURS license-free frequency bands
  • Channel bandwidth 12.5kHz/25kHz
  • FCC Narrow band compliant
  • Ultra Small, Lightweight -Measures only 4.5" H x2.2" W x 1" D and weighs 10 oz.
  • High Power Transmitter - UHF: 2 to 4 Watts, programmable
  • Military Durability 810 F, IP 55 - Guards against rain, dust, shock, vibration.
  • 255 Channel Capacity
  • 2-Tone Encode/Decode by Channel
  • DTMF Encode by Channel
  • 26 Programmable Frequency and Privacy Codes and 158 privacy codes.
  • 3 Programmable Function Buttons - Allows fast access to certain features.
  • Function buttons can be programmed to open a gate with the UHF Callbox with Gate Control
  • Large Speaker -Loud, easy-to-hear audio.
  • 13 Hour Battery Life - Based on a 90-5-5 duty cycle.
  • Low Battery Alert - Battery Meter Indicator
  • Rugged Screw-on Accessory Connector - Customize with earbuds, headsets, speaker microphone.
  • Each radio includes: Flexible Antenna, Lithium-ion Battery, Spring Action Belt Clip and Dual Slot Charger (2.5 HR) with 110-240 VAC, 47-64 Hz cube power supply.
  • Group Select - When programmed to a programmable function button, allows quick access to a group of up to 10 pre-programmed channels. PFB or Menu
  • Go To A Fixed (Pre-Set) Channel #, 1- 4 - "Speed dial" for quickly accessing pre-programmed channel(s). Eliminates the need to scroll through channels. A programmable function button can be assigned to 1 of up to 4 pre-set channels. PFB
  • Keypad Lock ON/OFF - Prevents accidental activation of the front panel buttons. Icon appears on LCD display when ON. PFB or Menu
  • Send A Selective Signaling Call - Send a 2-tone PageCode (e.g. Gate command code, 5 to7 Tone Page or DTMF ANI Code on a per channel basis). PFB
  • Alerts ON/OFF - Turn keypad tones OFF for silent operation. Icon will appear on LCD display when ON. PFB or Menu
  • Send DTMF Digits - Radio can be programmed to transmit unique DTMF digits on a per channel basis and/or via programmable function button. PFB
  • Talk Around ON/OFF - Causes the radio to transmit on the receive frequency on channels where the RX and TX are not the same. Icon will appear on the LCD Display when ON. PFB or Menu
  • Tx/Rx Tone Select - Select CTCSS or DCS encode and decode tone codes on the current operating channel. PFB or Menu
  • TX Power Level - Set transmit power to high, or low on current operating channel. Icon (H or L) will appear on LCD display. PFB or Menu
  • Battery Saver ON/OFF - Battery life extended when ON. PFB or Menu
  • Missed Call - Displays a list of missed Selcall calls. PFB or Menu
  • Contact List Select and send from a list of pre-programmed 2-Tone encode codes used to open different gates, turn on lights, pump control etc. PFB or Menu
  • Status List - Select & send from a list of pre-programmed "status" messages. E.g. Text messaging. PFB or Menu
  • Squelch Level - Will display the current squelch level and allow the user to raise or lower squelch with the Up and Down buttons. Smaller numbers increase squelch sensitivity, allowing the radio to hear weak and distant signals. Larger numbers decrease sensitivity, only strong signals are heard. PFB or Menu
  • Missed Call List Delete Clears the Missed Call List. Menu
  • Missed Call Send - Will automatically send the Current Status message if a Missed Call is detected. Menu
  • Password - Prevents unauthorized use of the radio. At radio turn on user must enter 4 character password before radio will operate. Password is entered using the Up/Dwn scroll buttons and MENU button. PFB or Menu
  • Normal Scan ON/OFF - Must be programmed by your dealer. Channels must be flagged as eligible scan channels. Normal Scan will periodically check these channels to prevent missed calls. Programmable function button can be set to turn function ON or OFF. Icon will appear on LCD display when scan is ON. PFB or Menu
  • Priority Scan ON/OFF - Designates a priority channel that is checked more frequently than other channels to prevent missed calls. PFB or Menu
  • Priority Scan Channel - Allows the user to set the priority channel from a list of available channels. Menu
  • "Hands-Free" VOX ON/OFF - Allows "hands-free" use of the radio, with or without an audio accessory. (I.e. a headset). Icon will appear on LCD display when ON. PFB or Menu
  • VOX Level - Allows user to select the voice audio level required to "key" the transmitter. VOX Level can be set from 0-15. A higher number makes the VOX circuit "MORE" sensitive ("less" audio is required) to trigger VOX operation. A lower number makes the VOX circuit "LESS" sensitive ("more" audio is required). PFB
  • Ear PTT ON/OFF- Enables or disables microphone on radio. Allows use of earbud (listen only) device while microphone on radio remains enabled. Menu
  • LED Indicator ON/OFF - LED on top of the radio can be set to "blink" green every 10 seconds. Menu
  • Lone Worker - Useful in situations where the radio user works alone and is either required to or it would be helpful to check in at regular intervals. The radio can be programmed to sound a tone to remind the Lone Worker that they must "call in". If they do not call in within the specified period, radio will automatically send the Emergency code. Menu
  • Selcall (Selective Calling) 2-Way Paging - Selcall is a voice call to a specific radio or group of radios. The caller selects the radio or group of radios from a pre-programmed "contact list." Menu
  • Status Messaging - Send and receive pre-programmed alpha/numeric status messages. Menu
  • Nuisance Channel Delete - Allows user to temporarily delete nuisance channels from the scan list. When radio is in scan mode and stops on the nuisance channel, PRESS and HOLD the Scroll Down Button. Display will flash "DELETED" when complete. Nuisance Channel is now temporarily deleted from scan list. To restore deleted channel, turn the radio OFF then ON again.
  • Caller/Group ID - Each transmission (16 possible codes) is uniquely identified. Receiving radios show name of caller/group on LCD display (programming kit required)

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