1. MURS Outdoor Antenna

MURS Outdoor Antenna

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When you need to achieve maximum range out of your MURS radio, this MURS Base Antenna mounted on top of a building or pole will help you do it.
Part Number: IO1005
Many of our MURS radios enable you to remove the included antenna and add an external antenna. For MURS radios, the FCC limits antenna height to 20 feet above a structure, or 60 feet above ground (whichever is greater). The higher you place your antenna, the greater range you will get.


This high-performance antenna offers exceptional performance. The core material is 3/8" (9.5mm) solid fiberglass wound with 19 gauge heavy insulated copper wire. All of this is covered with white, UV stabilized PVC shrink tubing.


A combination angle bracket, u-bolt, hub plate and antenna stud is central to the assembly of the base antenna. This assembly mounts to the top of any mast up to 1.5" (38mm) in diameter. The kit comes with four (4) structural aluminum radials that measure 1/8" x 1/2" x 20" (3mm x 13mm x 51cm). Each is pre-drilled to mount to the hub plate.


All mounting and assembly hardware is included (assembly is required). Also included is a three foot cable with a PL-259 (UHF) connector to connect to the antenna on one end, and a male BNC connector on the other. You will need to add additional cable in the proper length with a FEMALE BNC connector on one end and a MALE BNC for the Callbox XT or base station intercoms on the other.. The recommended cable is an RG-8X or RG58A/U (not RG58/U) coax . Here is a web site that can build a custom cable for you:custom cables

  • The radiating element is a 2-Meter, 5/8 wave design with a center frequency of 153.210 MHz
  • The top to bottom height of the entire assembly is a about 46" (117cm) and the diameter of the radial circle is 44" (112cm).
  • The antenna base threads are the common 3/8"-24 thread pattern
  • The antenna stud utilizes a standard SO-239 base for easy hook-up with any PL-259 terminated coaxial cable
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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