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MURS Wireless Construction Elevator Intercom

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Wireless construction intercom for up to 6 floors.
Part Number: IO1050
MURS Construction Elevator IntercomThe MURS construction elevator intercom system is for use on lower buildings in the 6-story range. MURS is a set of license-free frequencies. According the the FCC the MURS antennas should not be placed higher than 60 feet so for larger buildings we recommend the UHF version of this callbox.

This callbox runs on 3 standard D batteries for up to 6000 transmissions so it can be battery powered. That eliminates the possibility of frayed wires and expensive maintenance due to wires not lasting the duration of a typical construction project.

This kit includes one callbox for one floor and one elevator intercom. Just add as many additional callboxes as you have floors. You can also add another intercom for another elevator.

Besides normal communication, hoist intercoms are use in an emergency to inform the cab operator of the situation. Without reliable communication, this dangerous situation can put lives at risk. In addition there are these benefits:

  • No more cabling, getting caught up, pinched, and twisted
  • No more delays in the construction project due to failed communication
  • Stands up to extreme conditions on the construction site
  • Can be moved over to your elevator shaft once your operation moves to the interior of the building.
  • Wireless, 2-Way, Push-To-Talk Narrowband Analog Technology No Costly Trenching or Construction Costs To Install
  • Stand-Alone Operation. No Wires. Or Optional External Powered for Always-On Operation
  • High-Audio Output, High-Gain Mic Capability Adjustable Volume - Loud, Easy To Hear In Loud Environments
  • High Performance, Business Band Frequencies Long Range“1 Mile, Line-Of-Sight
  • Rugged, High-Impact Gasket Sealed Enclosure Durable, Sealed and Weatherproof For Outdoor Use
  • Internal Antenna, Tough, Machined Aluminum PTT Button Long-Life, Tamper and Vandal-Resistant
  • MURS "License Free" Frequencies. MURS frequencies that do not require FCC licensing
  • Standard Flange Mount Hole Pattern Easy Installation. Optional Mounting Brackets Available
  • Volume Level. Field programmable or PC programmable to 5 “ 100% volume level
  • Battery Powered. Can be powered by 3 Alkaline D-cell batteries for 500mW transmit power. D-cell batteries can operate the radio for up to one year or 7,000 transmissions
  • External Power +12 VDC Capable. Can be powered by an external +12 VDC source. This method of powering the callbox allows the radio to remain ON at all times, like an intercom. Automatic Turn Off must be DISABLED
  • Low Battery Alert. The callbox will transmit an Alert Tone at the end of each transmission when the batteries approach end-of-life. This allows sufficient time for you to replace the batteries and assure uninterrupted service. Can also transmit a recorded Low Battery voice message
  • +12 VDC Power Fail Alert. This feature can be enabled via Field or PC programming. The callbox will transmit an Alert Tone if it detects loss of +12 VDC power. The radio automatically continues to transmit an Alert Tone once every hour (unless programmed for Automatic Turn Off) until +12 VDC is restored or the batteries are depleted. Can also transmit a recorded Power Fail voice message
  • High/Low Power Output. When powered by External +12VDC the callboxes can be Field programmed for High or Low transmitter power output. When battery power the callbox operates in Low power mode exclusively "Automatic Turn-Off" or "Intercom" Operation. The Callbox can operate in the standard "Automatic Turn-Off" mode (Factory Default), where the radio is normally OFF until the Call Button is pressed, or can be Field or PC programmed for "Intercom" operation where the radio is always ON. See "External Power +12 VDC Capable" feature above.
  • Power Consumption: Off: 0mA; Sleep: 3mA; Standby: 93mA; Receive; 300mA; Transmit (low): 500mA: Transmit (high) 760mA
  • Dimensions: 7" tall x 5.5" wide x 3 inches deep

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