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MURS Wireless Gate Intercom System with Relay - Green

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On sale: $699.00 $635.00
Like our black version of this long-range compact callbox this has a relay switch for activating a gate opener or electric door lock.
Part Number: RT1096
When you need wireless communication in a location and you need it fast, this compact callbox is the perfect answer.

Wireless Callbox BrochureThis fully self-contained unit can be powered by an external power source or by alkaline batteries, which means installation can consist of simply installing batteries and mounting it where you need it. It can talk to either hand-held radios or surface-mounted base stations at distances of up to a mile. This is the perfect solution to eliminating expensive trenching and wiring.

If you need to remotely unlock a door or gate you can do that too. Some of our MURS radios have a preprogrammed button that can activate a relay/switch in the callbox. Connect that to your door or gate and you can let visitors in from a distance. The relay can be programmed in several ways for different uses:
  • Switch on when called - Switch closes (turn on strobe etc.) when the callbox first receives a call. Switch opens as soon as the PTT button is pressed, or if the callbox has not been used longer than its reset time.
  • Switch on when active - Switch is closed (turn on strobe etc.) as long as the callbox is in use. Switch opens when the callbox has not been used (transmit or receive) longer than it's reset time.
  • Switch is closed (turn on strobe etc.) when the callbox receives or transmits a message until a 2-Tone code is sent from a programmed button on a radio.
  • Switch momentary - Switch is closed for 1 second when the correct 2-tone code is received. Time can be extended up to 255 seconds
  • Switch toggle - Switch alternately closes and opens with the correct 2-tone code is received.

There is no need for an external antenna since the unit has a built-in antenna, but if you need to overcome obstacle challenges or to reach longer ranges, an external antenna accessory cable is available that enables using a different antenna mounted higher.

We have these callboxes programmed to Channel 1 of the FCC-license-free MURS frequencies so there's no need for any programming since our other MURS radios are already programmed too.

The unit comes with two mounting brackets for flat surface mounting, or you can purchase an optional gooseneck pedestal pole mounting bracket for pole mount installations. Since the callbox seals with four security Torx screws, a Torx bit is include too.

This unit also has the ability to broadcast recorded messages that can be transmitted to receiving radios or played on the speaker when the Push-To-Talk button is pressed:
  • Voice Alert (4 seconds max) - Message is transmitted when the PTT button is first pressed
  • Greeting Message (12 seconds max) - Message plays on speaker when PTT button is first pressed
  • Sensor Detect On (4 seconds max) - Message is transmitted when Sensor input is closed
  • Sensor Detect Off (4 seconds max) - Message is transmitted when Sensor input is opened
  • Low Battery (4 seconds max) - Message is transmitted when low battery voltage is detected
  • Power Fail (4 seconds max) - Message is transmitted when a +12VDC power fail is detected


  • Wireless, 2-Way, Push-To-Talk Narrowband Analog Technology No Costly Trenching or Construction Costs To Install
  • Stand-Alone Operation. No Wires. Or Optional External Powered for Always-On Operation
  • High-Audio Output, High-Gain Mic Capability Adjustable Volume - Loud, Easy To Hear In Loud Environments
  • High Performance, Business Band Frequencies Long Range“1 Mile, Line-Of-Sight
  • Rugged, High-Impact Gasket Sealed Enclosure Durable, Sealed and Weatherproof For Outdoor Use
  • Internal Antenna, Tough, Machined Aluminum PTT Button Long-Life, Tamper and Vandal-Resistant
  • MURS "License Free" Frequencies. MURS frequencies that do not require FCC licensing
  • Built-In Relay Control Allows Long-Range, Remote Control Of Gates Or Doors
  • Relay can be used to activate a strobe light when someone presses the call button or when Callbox receives a call (visual indication of a call).
  • Standard Flange Mount Hole Pattern Easy Installation. Optional Mounting Brackets Available
  • Volume Level. Field programmable or PC programmable to 5 “ 100% volume level
  • This callbox is equipped to use pre-recorded voice messages that notify radio system users when specific events occur. These unique voice messages are recorded and stored on the callbox, and automatically played back when the associated event occurs. It supports 5 different message events and comes from the factory with no messages recorded
  • Battery Powered. Can be powered by 3 Alkaline D-cell batteries for 700mW transmit power. D-cell batteries can operate the radio for up to one year or 7,000 transmissions
  • External Power +12 VDC Capable. Can be powered by an external +12 VDC source. This method of powering the callbox allows the radio to remain ON at all times, like an intercom. Automatic Turn Off must be DISABLED
  • Low Battery Alert. The callbox will transmit an Alert Tone at the end of each transmission when the batteries approach end-of-life. This allows sufficient time for you to replace the batteries and assure uninterrupted service. Can also transmit a recorded Low Battery voice message
  • +12 VDC Power Fail Alert. This feature can be enabled via Field or PC programming. The callbox will transmit an Alert Tone if it detects loss of +12 VDC power. The radio automatically continues to transmit an Alert Tone once every hour (unless programmed for Automatic Turn Off) until +12 VDC is restored or the batteries are depleted. Can also transmit a recorded Power Fail voice message
  • High/Low Power Output. When powered by External +12VDC the callboxes can be Field programmed for High or Low transmitter power output. When battery power the callbox operates in Low power mode exclusively "Automatic Turn-Off" or "Intercom" Operation. The Callbox can operate in the standard "Automatic Turn-Off" mode (Factory Default), where the radio is normally OFF until the Call Button is pressed, or can be Field or PC programmed for "Intercom" operation where the radio is always ON. See "External Power +12 VDC Capable" feature above.
  • Power Consumption: Off: 0mA; Sleep: 3mA; Standby: 93mA; Receive; 300mA; Transmit (low): 500mA: Transmit (high) 760mA
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F) Battery rating. At 0°C the capacity is < 50% rated) Talk range will decrease at low temperatures when operating on alkaline batteries.
  • Dimensions: 7" tall x 5.5" wide x 3 inches deep


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