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How to Obtain a USPS Access Master Lock and Keykeeper for Your Multi-Tenant Building
We sometimes get requests for an intercom that allows postal employees to use a key to enter a multi-tenant building like for apartments and condos. This really has nothing to do with the intercom if entry to the building is done via a physical USPS access key, sometimes called an USPS arrow key, that the mail carrier has. The way those work is that the arrow key is used to open a lockbox that has a key to your building. So the mail carrier opens the lockbox, grabs your key, opens the door, and then puts the key back in the lockbox. 

USPS key keeperThe Postal Service prohibits carriers from accepting keys for locks on private mail receptacles, buildings, or offices, except where an electromechanical door lock system or key keeper box is used.

So instead of an intercom that has a key, you buy and install a key keeper box near the intercom or door. The keykeeper does not come with a lock since this must be provided by the USPS. The Postal Service furnishes its own “master access lock” so that carriers have access to deliver the mail. This lock is not available to developers and builders to pre-install. To obtain this lock, you talk to your local post office, or preferrably your mail carrier who can arrange to get you one.

Of course there are other ways to let postal carriers in to a building. We have multi-tenant intercoms that use keypads for PIN code entry, facial recognition, or QR codes on the carrier's phone. It would be best to talk to your carrier to find out what they preferr.

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