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We have lots of choices for Outdoor Wireless Intercoms as seen below. If you would like us to help you find the best wireless intercom for your needs call us at 1-888-298-9489.

Here are the four system types available:

Two-Way Radio Wireless Callbox

These can either use batteries or 12 volts DC for power and have a range of 1 mile or more depending on obstructions. They communicate with handheld two-way radios or desktop two-way radios. We have FCC license-free MURS models or you can use your own business-band radios and we can match your frequency. Some models can open a gate.

Ritron Wireless Call BoxCompact Wireless Callbox

Full-Duplex Wireless Outdoor Intercom
This intercom uses digital spread spectrum to communicate at a distance of up to 4000 feet. It is full duplex which means that the only button press required is the initial one to connect the call. Users can then speak to each other just like a normal phone call.
Digital Wireless Gate Intercom

Cell-Phone Network Intercom
This option uses an AT&T or T-mobile cell phone plan and when the user presses the button on it the unit will call up to three phone numbers you have programmed into it.
GSM Gate Intercom

WiFi Video Intercom
If you have a WiFi signal at your intercom installation point, or you can use an extender to get it there, this outdoor intercom is an option. It communicates with an app on your smartphone, or with a tablet PC. You can see, talk to, and let visitors in a locked gate or door.
Wi-Fi Gate Intercom

f you are confused about which type would be best for you just call us and we will guide you through the process.

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