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Choosing a Paging System for Warehouses
With personnel on the constant move, a paging system for a warehouse simplifies contacting employees without them having to constantly carry a 2-way radio. A warehouse communication system like this saves time and therefore money. There are two ways to implement an overhead paging system for warehouse, wired and wireless.

Wired PA System for Warehouses

The wired public address (PA) system of course has wires running from an amplifier out to each speaker. The amplifier is typically connected to an analog port on a phone system, or to a VoIP adapter if the phone system is IP-based. If you have an IP-based phone system, then you will need both an adapter to convert the signal to analog, plus an amplifier to drive the speakers. Alternatively, there are amplified SIP speakers that can connect directly to a SIP-based IP phone system.

Below is diagram of a SIP adapter and analog PA amplifier;
Warehouse PA SIP Adapter

The following diagram is an example of an analog version of one of these amplifiers.
telephone warehouse paging system

Wireless PA System for Warehouses

Wireless PA SystemThe second way is to use a wireless PA system, which is the simplest way plus it also provides some mobility. A wireless PA system uses 2-way radio frequencies to receive transmissions. You can use your own two-way radios or you can use new handheld radios or base station intercoms for desk mount.

If in addition to broadcasting messages, you also need two-way communication, then you can place base station intercom radios around the building that workers can walk over to. You can assign a dedicated communications channel between the Wireless PA and the radios or intercoms that are contacting it, which enables you to use your radios or intercoms on a different channel for normal communications without broadcasting over the PA system.

To widen the coverage area, you can install up to two loudspeakers on a single Wireless PA receiver. As a general rule each of the speakers will cover up to 7500 feet, but we have seen greater coverage in areas that are not excessively loud. Each speaker comes with a 25 ft. cable. Cables can be extended by using standard RCA phono cables and couplers.

If you have a wired PA in place but want to use wireless 2-way radios to make broadcasts, we have a PA Bridge that can connect to inputs on a wired amplifier.

If you want more info on any of these systems you can look below or call us at 888-98-9489 and let our experts help create a solution for you.