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45 Day Trial Button has three payment options, Check by Mail, PayPal, or Credit Card. We do not take purchase orders. We do not take personal checks so if this is your method of payment please send a certified cashier's bank check and allow for 5 business days for the check to clear.

For credit card orders we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

If you want to pay via check, place your order online like you would any order, but select the "Check by Mail" option from the drop down box instead of leaving it set on "Credit Card." Submit the order and you will then receive an invoice via email with your exact order amount including shipping. Once your check clears, we will ship your products.

Mail checks to the following address and include your order number with the check:
8161 Highway 100, #194
Nashville, TN 37221

If you need a quote which includes shipping cost you can place an order and under the section titled CHOOSE ONE PAYMENT METHOD,  select the "Quote" payment option and then complete the order as normal. An invoice will be emailed to you. If you decide to purchase the items on the quote, you can click the link in the invoice email or call us and we can change the payment type on the order. The order will not be shipped until we receive payment.