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Technology innovations are leading to new forms of people tracking devices that use GPS. Small, dedicated GPS-enabled devices for the mass market are now a reality, but they are quickly facing competition from GPS-enabled smartphones. There are a growing number of people location apps that are being used by parents to track children and teenagers, and caregivers to track seniors and people suffering from medical conditions. Many of these apps are free so as people discover them, they are reducing the need for paid operator services. GPS black box

Since children and teens are more apt to carry a GPS enabled phone, the biggest demand for dedicated GPS devices is expected to be caring for people of all ages that have medical conditions, whether they are living at home or in a care facility. In the U.S., these services are called Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). Given the aging Baby Boomers, the market for these products is large and should be a growing.

GPS tracing devices have a host of other applications such as:

  • Fleet management and asset tracking
  • Mobile workforce management (examples: construction employees and companies with extensive field services)
  • Lone worker protection featuring alarm buttons and man down detection sensors
  • Electronic monitoring (EM) of offenders to provide alternative ways of sentencing them

A new market research report is available from and is titled: "People Monitoring and Safety Solutions". For more info click this link: Press Release