1. Selectable Room Intercom Door Unit, White

Selectable Room Intercom Door Unit, White

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If you want to add more rooms to your Selectable Room Intercom System this is the Room Unit you need. Order one for each room that needs communication.
Part Number: ONQIC5002-WH
The Selectable Room Intercom Door Unit is weather resistant for outdoor use, and supports responding to a selective room calling, initiating a page within the house, local control of the mute and monitor functions. It has 20 digital door tones to choose from.

A separate high quality speaker and microphone provide superior sound quality. The Door Unit is a 2-gang product that mounts within an outdoor weatherproof box typically at electrical switch box height. There is also a two-gang surface-mount box available for unique or retrofit installation requirements.


  • Technical Information
  • Cat5 Cable Rating: CAT5 UTP, 4 pair solid conductor (24 AWG)
  • Humidity: Up to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Material: Cast; Zinc Alloy
  • Operating Temperature (Celsius): -25 to 55 degrees
  • Power Requirements: +24Vdc, +/-1.5Vdc, 0.20A max
  • QLink Selective Call Ports: RJ-45
  • Storage Temperature: -45 to 85ºC (-49 to 185ºF)

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