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Selectable Room Intercom System Kit

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The Selectable Room System is an advanced Cat-5 based system consisting of Room Units, Patio Units and Door Units that enable you to select the room you want to call from a color LCD display.
Part Number: ONQIC7400WH
The Selectable Room Intercom System is an advanced Cat 5 based intercom system consisting of Room Units, Patio Units and Door Units connected with a single Cat 5 cable each between each Station Module and a main Intercom Distribution Module. Built on Cat 5 cabling, the this system includes convenient RJ45 connections and system auto-discovery, meaning all you have to do is plug a device in and the system automatically configures it.

This complete system kit comes with four Room Units, one Intercom Distribution Module, and one power supply. The only thing you need to add is the Cat5e wiring and standard double gang electrical boxes to mount the Room Units in.

The Room Units contain an intuitive graphical user interface in the form of a liquid crystal display, similar to today's cell phones. Communication may occur in a broadcast fashion if desired, or to specific units as selected on the LCD. Up to three simultaneous, private conversations can occur at a single time. This is the only intercom in the industry that currently has this capability.

The Intercom Distribution Module is typically installed in structured wiring enclosure and is considered the System Command, Communication and Power Router of the system. All Room Units, Patio Units and Door Units are connected directly to the Intercom Distribution Module via "home run" style single Cat 5e cabling.

The Intercom Distribution Module also supplies power to the entire system. Up to eight units of any combination are supported by each Intercom Module and modules may be cascaded three times, for a total system support of up to 32 units.

Each Selectable Room Unit, through its LCD display, provides both basic intercom communication functions such as talk, talk to door (if Door Unit is installed), monitor, mute, and advanced functions such as monitoring multiple rooms at the same time.

There are two methods of replying to a call on a Room Unit: push to talk and hands-free. Hands-free is the default setting. In hands-free mode the receiver of a call can simply respond back to the Room Unit without getting up. The unit will stay in hands-free reply mode for a preset amount of time. After that time the call is ended. The options are 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds (the default), 5 seconds, or disabled. In disabled mode the receiver of a call will have to press the TALK button to respond.

Each room station has the ability to go in to Monitor Mode, which allows you to listen to what is happening in the room.: To put a unit in this mode, press MONITOR Button. The display will flash a message that says "Monitor is On" for two seconds. The MONITOR button is backlit red while a station is in Monitor Mode.

The monitored unit will not receive Pages or hear Door Unit door tones, but can receive Selective Calls. This feature is handy for elder care where you can hear a noise and selectively ask if everything is OK. The monitored unit cannot initiate Pages or selective calls. MONITOR may be disabled at a particular unit through its Settings menu. This is handy for a child's room where you wouldn't want the child to put their Unit in Monitor to avoid Page contact.

MUTE on a Room Unit may be disabled at a particular Unit through its Settings menu. This is handy for a child's room where you wouldn't want the child to be able to Mute their room to avoid contact.

To Page or "ALL" Call from a Room Unit:

  1. Press the arrow buttons to highlight "ALL".
  2. Press and Hold TALK/SELECT button and speak.
  3. All Units not in MUTE or MONITOR mode, or on a selective call with someone else will hear a tone when TALK/SELECT button is pressed and then hear you speak: (DOOR Units do not receive Pages).
  4. When the TALK/SELECT button is released, a second tone is heard at receiving units, indicating that receiving Units have 10 seconds (default) of hands-free reply time. At the end of this hands-free time a third tone is heard to define the end of the call.

To name a Room Unit, you can choose from a list of 96 room names. Also, the Theme option under Settings allows you to select one of four different color pallets for a particular Room Unit's display.

The Patio Unit also provides similar basic Room Unit functionality in a weather resistant wall mounted package for your patio. For security reasons, it does not support the door release function.

The Selectable Room Door Unit allows a visitor to press the door chime button on the unit to notify you of their presence. You can then initiate a two-way communication with the visitor and even open the door (requires electronic door release device, not included).

The door chime tone can be selected from 20 different tones such as: various chimes, a Jetson's Doorbell, Calypso Party, Beethoven's 5th, Happy Birthday, Wolf Howl, Jingle Bells, Oh Canada, America the Beautiful, or even a tone followed by a barking dog, which has benefit for security purposes since a would be burglar will think you have a dog.

This system can be installed by a single person. The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Run a single Cat 5 cable to each location where an intercom unit will be installed.
  2. Crimp RJ45 plugs on each end of every cable.
  3. Install units in double-gang boxes 56" to the bottom of the box from the floor at each location.
  4. Run each cable back to where the Intercom Distribution Module is and plug in to an available jack.
  5. Connect the power supply and wait for a few seconds as the system auto-discovers all units.
  6. Customize each unit via simple menu settings.

When you order this kit you will get four Room Units, one Intercom Distribution Module, and one power supply.


  • Patio units can be temporarily disabled.
  • Door/Gate Release capability
  • Up to eight Selectable Room Units can be installed per Intercom Distribution Module, and up to 32 per system.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Up to three simultaneous conversations
  • No main console
  • 96 customizable room names
  • 20 built-in digital door tones
  • Room-to-room calling with hands free reply
  • High resolution color LCD display
  • Four LCD skins
  • Convenient RJ45 connection
  • 1000 foot wiring distance to stations
  • One-person installation via system auto-discovery
  • Globally inspired design matches any decor

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