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Our products usually ship in one business day, except as noted on individual product pages via a note by the sales price (if there is no note, then the one day applies as long as we don't have inventory shortages caused by previous large orders). If an order is placed before 12:00 p.m Central it usually ships the same day. If your product takes longer then 2-3 business days to ship, we will contact you and let you know as soon as possible. Shipping charges are in addition to the purchase price.

We ship from several warehouses but the majority of our products ship from Tennessee. Since fifty percent of the U.S. population lives within 600 miles of Nashville, and 24 states are located within that 600-mile radius, that translates into shorter delivery times for most people. We may substitute either shipping carrier based on the warehouse your item is shipping from.

Wireless products can only be sold in the U.S and Canada (there are a few exceptions such as for the MURS products) Limitations to this are noted on the product pages.

After your product has been shipped you will be sent an email containing the shipping tracking number. The tracking number is usually sent in the evening on the day the product ships. You can also track your shipping using order tracking on the shipper's website. This allows you to track your product quickly and easily over the Internet.

For Expedited Shipping:

If you choose 2 or 3-day shipping note that your package will arrive in 2 to 3 BUSINESS after the day you purchase (assuming you get the order to us before 12:00 p.m. Central time). The day you order does not count as one of those days.

For example, if you order via 2-Day shipping Monday before noon Central time, you will receive your package on Wednesday. If you order on Friday, you will receive it Tuesday.

Holidays do not count as business days since UPS and FedEx are shut down. So if you order via 2-Day shipping on Thursday and Monday is Labor Day, you will not receive your package until Tuesday.