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Simultaneous Talk and Receive Wireless Gate System

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This system enables simultaneous two-way communication without having to press buttons to speak. Can be used at security gates or doors or wherever voice communication is needed.
Part Number: AT1001
Notes: Ships in 7-10 Business Days
The AT1001 Full Duplex Wireless Gate Intercom provides crystal clear two-way audio communication with simultaneous talk and listen, just like a telephone conversation. It has a direct line of sight range of up to 4,000 feet.

Its full duplex speakerphone capability has background noise immunity so if it is near a noisy road then clear voice communication can still take place.

Since this unit is digital, and it has proprietary encryption, this is the intercom to use to keep conversations private.

The unit has dual built-in switch relays that can be used for remotely controlling the gates or other devices from the inside base station intercom. There is also an optional input for a Request-to-Exit button or vehicle loop detector that can open the gate when activated. Another input can be used for "auto calling" the inside station when a vehicle loop detector or motion detector detects someone arriving at the intercom.

The AT1001 has excellent interference immunity from other wireless devices. Its wire-free installation avoids costly trenching and it is designed to easily utilize solar panels for power in remote applications.

Multiple units can be used to comprise a single system, which is ideal for large facilities.

A power supply is included with the inside base station, and the outdoor callbox. Alternatively, the outdoor unit can be powered by a 12 volt power source like a solar power system or vehicle power.

Usage Notes:

  1. The "Call" Switch connections on the Outside unit are used to connect a motion or photo beam sensor. When the sensor is tripped, the unit automatically goes into transmit mode. A ringing tone will sound on the Indoor unit(s) (and Outdoor) and then whichever indoor unit answers the call, the call will become private between those indoor and outdoor units.

  2. The "Exit" Switch connections are used like the Call switch, but the sensors are placed on the exit side of a door or gate. When the sensor is tripped, the Inside unit will be alerted.

  3. There are two relays or switches inside the Outdoor unit that can be used to activate a gate or door opener, turn on a light, ring a bell, or whatever you want. In Figure 5 you see to key icons on the base station. These are used to activate the relay. If you have multiple Outdoor units, only the relays on the unit calling in are activated.

  4. An Indoor unit can only place a call to one Outdoor unit set to Access Point Number 1, but up to 9 Outdoor units can call any number of Indoor units and the Indoor units can respond.

  5. If the "Call" button is pressed during communication, the unit will hang up. Otherwise, talk time is 4 minutes (fixed) after which the unit will hang up.

Up to 9 outdoor call-boxes can be on the same radio channel and you can have as many indoor units as you wish on the same channel. The indoor units DO NOT intercommunicate. Any indoor unit that answers a call first is the only one communicating with the outdoor callbox, no other indoor unit can be on that conversation. However, there is one possibility if more than one indoor unit answer a call at the exact same time then they're able to talk/listen to the call-box that made the call.

Click here to download a copy of the user manual
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  • Full-duplex speakerphone with background noise immunity
  • Dual "Strike" Relays for controlling two independent access points "Request-To-Exit " (RTE) switch support
  • Aux input port for "auto calling" Inside unit after detecting a vehicle at entry way
  • Multiple outdoor and indoor units can be utilized within a facility.
  • Each outdoor unit can be assigned a unique "access point ID" using a rotary switch
  • Vandal-resistant stainless steel outdoor enclosure with illuminated "Call" button
  • Attractive indoor enclosure "desk top unit"
  • Solar Panel Ready: Designed to easily utilize solar panels for power in remote wire-free applications
  • Long Range audio communication: up to 4000 feet (direct line-of-site)
  • Robust radio communication with excellent interference immunity against cell phones, pagers and handsets.
  • 10 selectable radio channels for cross-talk immunity between adjacent facilities
  • Secure communication link - proprietary encryption
  • FCC approved Installer-friendly Design:
  • Simple "dashboard-like" interface that visually guides installer
  • Signal QUALITY LED (bar graph) - indicates radio range performance
  • Signal LEVEL LED (multi-color) - indicates radio Signal Strength
  • Status LEDs for each terminal - for easy installation & troubleshooting
  • Built-in lightning protection on ALL terminals - immune to 20KVolts, 10KAmps Surges
  • (902-928) 900 MHz spread spectrum frequency hopping
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20C to +70C
  • Multiple base stations can be used. The base station that responds first to a callbox takes over communication
  • Power to either unit can be in the 12-24 volt AC or DC range, non polarity sensitive. Power supplies are included: Outside: 16 Volts AC, Inside: 12Volts DC
  • Mechanical Dimensions: Outdoor Unit: 7.0" x 6.0" x 3.25" Indoor Unit: 7.0" x 6.0" x 2.75
  • 2-year warranty

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