1. Single Door Access System Expansion Kit

Single Door Access System Expansion Kit

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If you need to add one more master station to your system then this is the product you will add.
Part Number: LEM1DLXK
If you need to add one more master station to the Single Door Access System, you can order this kit which includes everything you need. ONLY ONE OF THESE KITS CAN BE ADDED TO THE Single Door Access System.

1. Only one master can be used at a time.
2. If both masters are activated, a feedback (squeal) will be heard through the system when either TALK button is pressed.
3. If feedback occurs, press the OFF button on one of the masters.

1. Use 2 conductor shielded wire from the door station to the first master, then to the second master.
2. If door release is included, use a separate 2-conductor wire from the "EL" terminals of the masters through an AC transformer and to the door strike.
3. The door release button on the master station is a "Normally Open" contact closure.


  • Power supply is included in this kit
  • Convenient door entry control system with Door Release button
  • Desk-top or wall mountable
  • Simple 2 conductor shielded wiring between Substation and Master station
  • Wiring Distance: 650 feet w/22AWG; 1570 feet w/18AWG
  • Communication: Press-to-talk, release-to-listen at master station. Hands free at Substation.

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