In clean room environments where touching things must be kept to a minimum to maintain sterility of gloves, an intercom system that does not require button presses is needed so communication with he outside can be carried out.

The first question to answer is can you run a wire through the walls or is that impossible? If impossible you will need a wireless system. Depending on how the room is constructed, that may not even be possible. If the room also shields wireless signals, then obviously our wireless intercom won’t work either. If there are windows then most likely you’ll be OK to use wireless.

intercom foot pedalThen you either need a system that is on all the time, or it can be activated by a foot switch. The foot switch will call the outside station and then it can connect the call.

Another desirable feature is full-duplex. Full-duplex means both parties can talk at the same time just like a phone call. Non-full duplex intercoms are push-to-talk and release to listen. We do have a wired system that is push-to-talk on the outside, but inside the clean room, no button press is required.

wired clean room intercomThis push-to-talk system is the low budget way to go. The station that goes on the inside does have a call button that would have to be pressed using hands, but the outside station can be put in Monitor mode, so no button press is required on the inside station. The outside station will have to press a Talk button to speak and then release to listen.

clean room intercom systemA better audio quality wired system uses full-duplex, high definition audio. You can attach a foot switch to this unit and when the switch is pressed, it will call the outside unit. When the outside unit is picked up, a full-duplex call occurs so both parties can speak without button presses. You could leave the call connected for live two-way communication all the time. You can also call the inside unit and it will auto answer the call. This unit can also be used in very noisy environments.

Wireless Sterile Room IntercomIf you need a wireless system, we have one that works the same way only you will not be able to leave the two units connected all the time since they will time out. But it too can have a foot switch to call the outside unit and then a full-duplex call with quality audio can take place.

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