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For decades if you wanted a visitor to alert you that they were outside your gate or door you needed a voice-based intercom. This enabled you to talk to them and let them in by the press of a button.

cell switchThese days everyone carries a cell phone so why not just use that instead? The only thing missing is the ability to unlock the gate or door. That's where a Cell Network Switch comes in.

You simply put up a sign with your phone number (or a free Google number that forwards to your number), and when people call you can talk to them and decide whether to activate your automatic gate. It doesn't matter Gate Entry Signwhere in the world you are if you use a cell phone. As long as you have cell phone service, you can respond to callers.

You can also program the unit to open for people even if they don't call you. The Cell Switch can store up to 100 telephone numbers. When it receives the caller ID for one of these numbers, it can trigger the internal switch that then opens the gate automatically. This means you can program in phone numbers for your family, friends, or even services like lawn care so they just have to call the gate and it automatically opens for them.

The Cell Network Switch has an additional feature which sends a text message to a master user whenever it is triggered via a keypad if one is installed at the gate or door. So if you want to know when an external device such as a keypad is triggered, then a wire from the keypad to the Cell Switch will be required. The unit can also send a message every time anybody triggers the gate though their Caller ID number.

7-Day Auto Gate TriggeringWith the built in clock, you can program the unit to automatically open and close the gate at preset times. It has a 7-day clock so depending on how it is programmed, the gate can open momentarily for a preset time, or it can latch to hold the gate open.

If a status switch is installed on the gate, you can send a text message to the gate to see if it is open or closed. You can also check to see whether the two built-in relays are open or closed.

Traditional Gate Intercom Systems

Of course you can always put a more traditional wireless voice or video intercom system at your gate. There are several types available these days as detailed below.

Cell Network Gate Intercoms

This type of intercom provides all the same capabilities as the Cell Network Switch, but it also includes voice capabilities so visitors can call you directly from the intercom. You still talk to them through whatever phones you want to program in the unit.


  • You can put a wireless intercom anywhere there is cell phone service
  • No distance limitations
  • It calls you anywhere you are as long as your receiving phone has service
  • Can call up to three phone numbers
  • You can send text messages to open the gate


  • Requires a monthly or pay-as-you-go AT&T or T-Mobile voice plan

WiFi Gate Intercoms

This gate video intercom lets you use your iPhone or Adroid-based smart phone to not only talk to visitors at your gate, but also see them as well. It has a full-color video camera that appears directly on an app on your phone.


  • You can receive calls anywhere your smartphone is connected to the Internet
  • You can talk to and see the caller
  • Control your gate from an App on your smartphone
  • Optional 10.1" touch screen monitor is available for inside the home.
  • Can call up to 4 devices at a time.


  • Requires a good WiFi signal at the gate
  • User must have a smartphone

Wireless Gate Intercoms

A wireless gate intercom provides long range, 2-way voice communication to a two-way radio or wireless base station intercom. They can be used to open gates or doors from remote locations, which means monitoring personnel do not have to be confined to a desk.


  • No monthly service plan required
  • Can open the gate by pushing a button on receiving device
  • Can have an unlimited number of receiving devices


  • Can't receive calls when you're out of range of the gate intercom
  • Push-to-talk, release to listen like a walkie-talkie
  • Requires an extra device to receive calls

Still Not Sure What You Need?

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