1. Truck Scale Add-On Callbox with Horn Speaker

Truck Scale Add-On Callbox with Horn Speaker

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When the outdoor callbox volume isn't enough, add one of these kits.
Part Number: ZT1017
This is an add-on outside unit that includes the intercom and the rear housing, plus an amplified horn speaker and power supply. This amplified horn speaker is used where there is not enough volume on the outside intercom.

The horn speaker should be mounted at least three feet away from the scale intercom and pointed out and not down. It may improve sound by lowering the volume of the scale intercom internal speaker.


The kit includes the horn speaker and a 12 volt power supply.

One 1008111020 TCIS-2
One 1008140010 TA-1
One ASPC20 Speco 20W 6" Weatherproof Amplified Speaker
One PIP12VDCRU Linear 12 Volt DC, 2 Amp Power Supply

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