1. Truck Scale Amplified Speaker Horn Kit

Truck Scale Amplified Speaker Horn Kit

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This amplified horn speaker can be used with truck scale intercoms
Part Number: IO1046
This amplified horn speaker is used for our truck scale intercom kits in rare instances where there is not enough volume on the outside intercom. This kit is seldom needed.

The horn speaker should be mounted at least three feet away from the scale intercom and pointed out and not down. It may improve sound by lowering the volume of the scale intercom internal speaker.


The kit includes the horn speaker and a 12 volt power supply.

  • Frequency Response 500-5,000 Hz.
  • Input Impedance 3 - 16 ohm
  • Max Power 20 Watts
  • Mounting Bracket Metal mounting bracket included
  • Speaker Impedance 8 ohm
  • Supply Voltage 120 Volt AC required

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