How to Choose a Truck Scale Intercom System

truck scale intercom pdfWe’ve been selling truck scale intercoms for many years but finding the right solutions has been challenging. We used to have antiquated wired system from the 1970’s that was loud at the scale but it had no noise cancellation so scale house operators couldn’t understand the truck drivers well. Then we found a wired system that had noise cancellation but it wasn’t that loud so the drivers couldn’t hear.

The same goes for a wireless system. We found a product that had excellent noise cancellation but not enough volume at the scale. We did solve that problem, however, it did not have a lot of programming flexibility so if it was not installed perfectly, it didn't work for all applications. We found that users were not skilled in installing wireless systems so we discontinued this one too It also did not support bi-directional scale or multiple scale installations. We have a CAT-5 truck scale intercom that can be made wireless using wireless Ethernet bridges.
With our latest CAT-5 wired system one telephone on the inside can easily handle multiple scale callbox intercoms outside. If you need more than one scale operator inside it can accommodate that as well.

We’ve got lots of experience with truck scales so it you need help configuring a system, please call 888-298-9489 and we will help you get set up. You'll save yourself some time and money by not trying to make the cheap solutions out there work which will give you all the same problems we experienced over the years. Those Chinese-made products lead to unhappy clients or results. If a business uses a scale to make money, trying to cut corners is not a good business decision.

Truck Scale Intercom System
Zenitel Turbine IntercomIf you can run Cat 5 or 6 cable to the scale or scales, then the High-Definition Audio Wired Truck Scale Intercom Kit is a great solution. You can connect optical sensors to it so the driver does not have to call, or the scale operator can call the scale intercom directly so the driver does not have to press a button.

This is a Voice Over IP system that uses a desktop phone on the inside to communicate with as many outside scale callboxes as needed. You could also have multiple inside phones which would be beneficial for busy scales where multiple scale operators are needed.

With this system you can easily put a callbox on each side of a bi-directional scale however an optical sensor would still not work since both will be triggered. You could use a sensor to ring a bell or alert device to notify the scale operator, and then the scale operator could call the appropriate scale callbox.

Another benefit of this system is the inside phone has a handset you can pickup for privacy, it has hands-free speakerphone capability, or it can use headsets so it is extremely flexible for the scale operator.

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Here are some other factors to consider when installing a truck scale intercom system:
How to Choose a Truck Scale Intercom System Article/Bulletin

If all you need is a system where you just make announcements to drivers and you don't need to hear them, a simple wireless PA system such as discussed in the video below will suffice:

Truck Scales Wireless PA System Video

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