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Two Door Access System, 2 Door Stations 1 Master

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When a visitor presses the button on the doorbell intercom, a tone will sound on the inside master station. This system can also be used to monitor the area around the door station.
Part Number: AP1040


The Two Door Access System is an audio door answering and door release system designed for business use, but it works well in a house too.

It is very simple to use. When a visitor presses the single button on the door station, the master station receives a short tone and an LED above one of the three corresponding station select buttons lights for 20 seconds. You then press the station select button and you can speak to the person at the door by pressing the Talk button on the master station. The person at the door station speaks hands free. If you have an optional electronic door release lock installed (See Related Products and Accessories), you can also press a door release button (key symbol) on the master to unlock the door remotely.

The master station also has an OFF button to put the unit into standby mode to wait for the next call. This must be pressed at the end of each call or you will be continuously monitor what's happening around the selected door. You can also just press the Talk button to monitor what's happening at the front door without someone having to press the button on the door station.

The voice volume on the master is adjustable by a control on the front of the master station. There is also a call tone volume control hidden beneath an operator plate.

The master station can either be surface wall mounted, or desk mounted. It wall mounts on a single-gang box or ring. The weather resistant door station surface mounts on a standard single-gang box or ring (or it could be mounted directly to the surface).

This is a kit that set includes a desk or wall mount master station, two surface mount door stations, and an AC to DC transformer to power the system. This intercom requires 2 conductor, non-twisted, 22AWG to 18AWG shielded cable between the door intercom and monitor. A separate 2 Conductor, 22AWG, Shielded wire is used for the door opening relay.

You can add one more indoor or outdoor substation to this system. See Related Products and Accessories to order these substations.

  • Simple door answering (2 doors)
  • Electronic call tone from door station
  • Press-to-talk communication at master
  • Hands free communication at door
  • Monitor entry areas undetected from inside
  • Voice and call tone volume controls
  • Variety of remote stations available
  • Door release with optional electric door strike
  • Door stations are weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • Simple 2 conductor shielded wiring between door and master stations (with separate 2 conductor wiring for door release)
  • Wiring Distance: 650' w/22AWG; 1600' w/18AWG
  • Power source: 12V DC
  • Current Consumption: Max. 300mA per station
  • Communication: Press-to-talk, release-to-listen at master station. Hands free at remote station.
  • Door Strike Wiring: 2 conductors from master to door strike (in a separate jacketed cable from the
  • communication wiring)
  • Door release button contact: 30V, AC or DC, 1A
  • Dimensions Master Station: (H x W x D): 7-1/16" x 5-5/8" x 2-3/16"
  • Dimensions Door Intercom: 4-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 1-1/8"

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