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UHF 450-470Mhz Callbox XT Outdoor with Voice Messages

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This wireless call box outdoor intercom gives you wireless gate control, plus it transmits and plays pre-recorded messages. Use it to give the caller a message or to announce which callbox is calling.
Part Number: RT1078

The UHF Callbox XT Outdoor Intercom with Gate Relay works with other UHF radios in the 456 450-470Mhz frequency range and it provides long range, 2-way voice communication from the fixed location of the Callbox to any of your other radios. It has a range of up to one mile or more with an optional external antenna.

Wireless Callbox Brochure

This heavy duty outdoor intercom is designed for construction sites, golf courses, hotels/motels, airport parking lots, gated entrances, manufacturing, college campuses, hospitals, receiving docks, amusement parks, resorts, locked entrances, farms, ranches, warehouses, campgrounds, parking lots, delivery doors, and any other application that needs two way communication for safety or convenience.

There is no need for extensive wiring, trenching, remodeling, or installing dedicated phone lines with expensive monthly fees since the Callbox is completely wireless.

For simple installation, the Callbox is designed to operate on 6 D-cell batteries (alkaline or Ni-Cad rechargeable). An optional external power supply is also available.

The Callbox has two modes of power consumption. In Automatic Turn-Off the unit turns itself off after a programmed amount of inactivity (up to 4 minutes). It can only be turned on again by pressing its Call button on the Callbox. In this mode it cannot receive calls from other intercom or handheld radio units. It can only make calls and then other units can respond.

In Normal mode, the unit does not turn itself off and the Callbox can not only make calls, but receive them as well. This mode consumes the largest amount of power and should only be considered if an external source of power is available. If an external source of power is used, the internal batteries can be installed as a back-up against loss of

If you use the CallBox Outdoor Intercom with Gate Relay along with a radio that can send a 2-Tone encode signal then the Callbox can be used to remotely control gates or magnetic door locks. The Callbox has a single 1-Amp switch output that can be activated when the Callbox receives a unique 2-Tone encode signal that the radio sends.

The Callbox with Gate Relay can also operate as a motion, gate entry, tamper or vehicle detection device. It will send a tone alert when optional switch/sensor status changes. The Callbox will send a warning tone when a change in the Sensor Input is detected. The Sensor Input will respond to an OPEN or CLOSED switch.

The Callbox is housed in a fiberglass enclosure with a stainless steel faceplate that includes tamper-resistant fasteners and a concealed antenna making it perfect to withstand harsh elements.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires the owners of radios operating on these frequencies to obtain a station license before using them.

If you are using this system with your existing UHF two-way radios, make sure you enter in the Notes field of the order the frequencies that you want the Callbox to use so we can program it for you. Include any privacy codes and the 2-Tone encode signal you are using.

This Callbox has also is equipped to use pre-recorded voice messages that notify other intercoms and two-way radios when specific events occur. These voice messages are recorded and stored on the Callbox, and automatically played back when the associated event occurs.

There can be a total of 5 event messages as follows:

  • Greeting Message: This message plays when a user presses the Talk button on the Callbox. You can use it to record instructions for the user to follow such as " Welcome to our facility. An attendant will be with you shortly. "
  • Identification (ID) Message: The ID message is transmitted automatically when the Talk button is first pressed. This message identifies which Callbox has been activated. A typical message might be, " South delivery entrance" or "Main Gate." The message will be retransmitted every time the Callbox is pressed until it is answered. If the Greeting Message is used, the ID message is transmitted after the greeting is played. The ID message can be periodically until the Callbox is answered. It is also sent ahead ahead of a Sensor Detect or Low Battery/Power Fail messages.
  • Low Battery/Power Fail Message: This message is automatically transmitted when low voltage is detected on the Callbox. The message may say something like " Power failure" or " Low Battery." The ID Message is sent immediately before this message.
  • Sensor Detect On Message:This message is automatically transmitted when a switch attached to the Sensor Input is closed. A typical message may be something like, " Door opened," "Motion detected," or " Vehicle present." The ID Message is sent immediately before this message. A typical message may be something like, " Main Gate," Vehicle present."
  • Sensor Detect Off Message: This message is automatically transmitted when a switch attached to the Sensor Input is opened. A typical message may be something like, " Door opened," "Motion detected ," or "Vehicle present." The ID Message is sent

A VHF version of this Callbox is also available.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Wireless Callboxes see the Wireless Callbox FAQS


  • Slim profile (4.3" x 9.7" x 11.5") reinforced fiberglass enclosure with pre-drilled holes and mounting ears with a stainless steel faceplate and tamper resistant fasteners. Requires T25 Torx tool (bit included).
  • Sealed stainless steel tamper resistant Push to Talk button and robust integrated sealed RF electronics package.
  • Simple 2 Button Programming: Change an array of settings without a PC.
  • For internal relay use, confirm that your application will NOT exceed the maximum rating of the on-board relay of 120 VAC @ 1 amp.
  • PC Programmable: Allows customization of all callbox attributes (PC and Programming Software Required)
  • Reset Time Field Programmable: Change how long before the Callbox shuts down without software.
  • Encode ANI (DTMF or 3 to 7 Tone Select Call): Callbox can be programmed to transmit a unique numeric identifier to the appropriate decoding radio. Allows monitoring personnel to instantly identify the callbox in use. Receiving radio requires proper decoding capability.
  • Busy Channel TX Inhibit: Prevents Callbox from transmitting if someone else is using the radio channel
  • Wide or Narrow Band Capable: Enables compatibility with most other radios systems
  • CTCSS and Digital Coded Squelch: Allows compatibility with other radio systems.
  • Battery Powered or External AC Power Ready: Power the Callbox with 6 D Cell Batteries for maximum simplicity or 120 Volts AC with optional power supply
  • Adjustable Speaker Volume: Control the volume of the Callbox speaker. Adjustable 1 to100%
  • Adjustable Microphone Gain: Normal or high mic gain setting allows flexibility for different ambient noise environments
  • Adjustable Transmit Power Output: Select 1or 2 Watt transmit setting (UHF Only). This UHF Callbox is 1 Watt only
  • Automatic "Turn-Off" and "Always-On" Intercom Feature: Callbox can programmed to automatically "Turn-OFF" to conserve batteries or callbox can remain "ON" and in "Standby" Receive mode.
  • Remote Control Relay: Built-in relay allows remote activation of Gate Controllers, Doors, Barrier Arms, and Stobe Lights connmected to the Callbox. Relay can also be used to turn an "attention getting" strobe light ON when callbox PTT button is pressed.
  • Listen-In Feature: Callbox can be selectively paged to allow remote monitoring of audio in the area immediately surrounding the callbox.
  • Auxiliary Sensor Monitoring: Motion, Gate Entry, Tamper or Vehicle Detection Device. Callbox will send a custom voice alert when optional switch/sensor status changes.
  • Gate Relay Field Programmable: Enable the switch relay for operation of an external device without software.
  • Automatic Turn-On Capability: A sensor connected to the auxiliary input can automatically turn the callbox ON to receive a call from radio-equipped personnel. Conserves batteries and quiets callbox until needed.
  • Alert Tone - Low Battery Alert or External Power Fail: Distinct TONE sounds to alert radio-equipped personnel. Keeps you informed of dead batteries or a power failure.
  • 2-Tone Paging Decode (300-1500Hz): Allows selective calling of indivudal callboxes
  • 2-Tone Paging Decode All-Call: Allows selective calling of a group of callboxes simultaneously
  • Companded Audio: Allows compatibility with these narrow band radio systems using companding technology
  • Recordable Voice "Greeting": When the Callbox button is pressed, a "custom" greeting will play on the callbox speaker.
  • Recordable Voice Messages: A separate and "custom" Voice Message Alert can be transmitted to alert radio-equipped personnel when Callbox button is pressed. No Talk button press required to send voice alert when these conditions are detected: AC power fail/low battery or when auxillary sensor status has changed.
  • Automatic Voice Message Alert "Re-Send": When Alert message from Callbox is not immediately answered, Alert message will automatically be "re-sent" up to 5 times. Number of "re-send" is selectable 0-5 times.
  • Optional: MDC1200 or G-STAR ANI boards (factory installed option)
  • Solar Power System
  • Removable antenna for mounting an external antenna (BNC female connector on the Callbox)
  • Available In New FCC Channel Steps: 2.5KHz VHF or 6.25KHz UHF Government Band Frequency
  • A UHF model is available in 406-421 MHz range
  • Line of site range up to 1 mile with included antenna
  • Simple push-to-talk operation, two-way voice communication to remote radio or base station
  • Reliable integrated RF design
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA


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