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UHF Callbox XT Outdoor with Key Pad

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This is our most popular Callbox with gate opening control, but it also has a keypad that enables authorized users with pre-assigned entry codes to activate the door or gate controller or door lock.
Part Number: RT1077
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This is our most popular Callbox with gate opening control, but it also has a keypad that enables authorized users with pre-assigned entry codes to activate the door or gate controller or door lock.

Wireless Callbox Brochure

The illuminated keypad provides audible feedback on button presses. There are 502 possible codes for up to 500 users. One code is used for temporary purposes and it expires in a programmable 1 to 99 hours. The other remaining code is the master code used for programming. The codes are variable and can be between 3 to 8 digits.

The entry keypad with built-in relay and the callbox relay are each wired separately to the controller device.

The UHF XT Callbox with Keypad works with our other MURS radios and it provides long range, 2-way voice communication from the fixed location of the Callbox to any of your other MURS intercom units. It has a range of up to one mile or more with an optional external antenna.

This heavy duty outdoor intercom is designed for construction sites, golf courses, hotels/motels, airport parking lots, gated entrances, manufacturing, college campuses, hospitals, receiving docks, amusement parks, resorts, locked entrances, farms, ranches, warehouses, campgrounds, parking lots, delivery doors, and any other application that needs two way communication for safety or convenience.

There is no need for extensive wiring, trenching, remodeling, or installing dedicated phone lines with expensive monthly fees since the Callbox is completely wireless.

For simple installation, the Callbox is designed to operate on 6 D-cell batteries (alkaline or Ni-Cad rechargeable). An optional external power supply is also available.

The Callbox has two modes of power consumption. In Automatic Turn-Off the unit turns itself off after a programmed amount of inactivity (up to 4 minutes). It can only be turned on again by pressing its Call button on the Callbox. In this mode it cannot receive calls from other intercom or handheld radio units. It can only make calls and then other units can respond.

In Normal mode, the unit does not turn itself off and the Callbox can not only make calls, but receive them as well. This mode consumes the largest amount of power and should only be considered if an external source of power is available. If an external source of power is used, the internal batteries can be installed as a back-up against loss of

If you use this Callbox along with the UHF Commercial Intercom or the UHF J-V410 Two-Way Radio , the Callbox can be used to remotely control gates, magnetic door locks and other devices. The MURS Callbox has a single 1-Amp switch output that can be activated when the Callbox receives a unique 2-Tone encode signal that the UHF Commercial Intercom and MURS J-V410 can send.

A 2-Tone encode signal can also be used to activate the Listen-In feature of this Callbox, which lets you listen to what's happening around the Callbox for up to 30 seconds.

This Callbox has a switch output that can be used to open or close a gate, turn on a light, sound an alarm, or any application where remote control of an On/Off switch is required. The switch can be programmed to operate in several ways:

  • On/Off Code: The switch will close when a preprogrammed code is received, and open when it is received again. The switch will also open by itself when the Callbox's preprogrammed Automatic Turn Off feature is activated.
  • Switch On When Called: The switch closes when the callbox first receives the call and it remains on until its Talk button is pressed, or a programmable timer expires (1-255 seconds).
  • Switch On When Callbox In Use: The switch will close when the Callbox first sends or receives a call and remains closed until a preprogrammed timer expires.
  • Switch On When Active Includes Turn-Off Code: Switch closes when the Callbox sends or receives a call with the added ability to open the switch when the Callbox receives a preprogrammed code.
  • Momentary Close: Switch will close for 1-255 seconds when a preprogrammed code is received.
  • Alternate Open and Close: Switch will toggle between open and closed when it receives a preprogrammed code. The Callbox transmits a single beep when open and a double beep when closed.

This Callbox also has a Sensor Input that allows it to also operate as a motion, gate entry, tamper or vehicle detection device. It will send a tone alert when optional switch/sensor status changes. The Callbox will send a warning tone when a change in the Sensor Input is detected. The Sensor Input will respond to an OPEN or CLOSED switch.

The Listen In feature allows remote activation of the callbox's transmitter when a unique 2-Tone code is received. This enables you to listen in to the area around the callbox for a period of up to 30 seconds.

The Callbox is housed in a fiberglass enclosure with a stainless steel faceplate that includes tamper-resistant fasteners and a concealed antenna making it perfect to withstand harsh elements.

For more details see our Wireless Call Box System Facts article.

steel pedestals
  • Programmable: Add, modify or delete usere's codes from the entry keypad
  • Illuminated keypad: allows easy use of keypad at night
  • Audible feedback on key presses
  • 502 possible codes: 500 unsers, 1 temporary (automatically expires in 1-99 hours), 1 master code
  • Variable length codes: 3 - 8 digits
  • Tamper resistant enclosure with stainless steel face plate, measures 11.5"H x 9.5"W x 4"D
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • The Callbox speaker volume can be programmed to any level desired between 2 - 100%
  • Optional external 12 Volt DC transformer (requires 110 VAC available at the installation location
  • Can be powered with 6 rechargeable D-cell Alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries. Batteries can be used as a back-up in case of power outage
  • Batteries good for one year or up to 7,000 transmissions when used in Automatic Turn-Off mode.
  • Low Battery Alert
  • External Power Fail Alert
  • When used with transformer power (requires 110 VAC available at the gate) the Callbox is programmed so intercom is always on Low battery alert Works with 12 VDC operator systems only
  • Current draw: Standby mode - 80mA, Receiving a call - 200mA, Transmitting - 500-600mA 1 channel, 1 watt transmitter
  • Pre-programmed for your specific needs, also field programmable for some features
  • Line of sight range up to 1 mile with included antenna, range may be lower with no line of sight
  • Simple push-to-talk operation, two-way voice communication to remote radio or base station
  • Reliable integrated RF design
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA

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