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UHF NT 450-470MHz Two-Way Radio (1 unit)

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The ultra small size, lightweight, two-way radio/wireless intercom works in the UHF 450-470MHZ licensed frequencies. This radio features gate unlock control, and Emergency Call Feature. Comes with recharging base.
Part Number: RT1122
Notes: Ships 5-10 Business Days

This UHF NT is ultra small in size, lightweight, and high power. You can use it with other UHF radios in the 450-470MHz frequency range, plus this one is specifically good for use with our UHF Callboxes with Gate Control. If you need to open a gate, all you have to do is press one of the feature buttons on the UHF NT and it will activate the relay on the Callbox.

If you just need a solution for your on-site and in-plant communications, the UHF NT is an excellent solution to use with other UHF radios. At the push-of-a-button, you can be in two places at once to communicate with multiple work groups, coordinate activities, or expedite customer orders.

The rugged and reliable UHF NT portable radio will save you time and money by allowing your employees to work smarter and more efficiently with no air-time charges or monthly fees. It is built to Military-Specification standards , which makes it resistant to damage from drops, dust, and moisture. Three decades of designing, manufacturing, and supplying reliable, professional wireless communications products worldwide has led to one of the best two-way radios on the market today.

The UHF NT also has an Emergency Call Feature which allows the radio user to immediately notify all other radios on the same channel. For example, if the radio user should become injured, trapped, or is in danger, a simple push of the orange button will activate this feature. When this button is pressed for 2 seconds the radio sends the alert tone which sounds in the speakers on other radios. The microphone on the sending radio is activated so the radio will transmit "hands-free" for 5 seconds after the emergency tone is sounded. This allows the person sending the alert to verbally call for help without having to press the button again.

Use the UHF NT for Security, Schools, Construction, Retail Stores, Manufacturing/Warehousing, Special Events, Maintenance, Hotel/Motel/Property Management, or any application where you need to be mobile, but still need to be in touch.

Coverage estimates: At full power, line-of-sight, no obstructions the range is approximately 4+ miles. Indoor coverage is approximately 270,000 sq ft. Expect about 20 floors vertical coverage. Note: Range and coverage are estimates and are not guaranteed.

Each radio includes: Flexible Antenna, Lithium-ion Battery, Spring Action Belt Clip and Dual Slot Charger (2.5 HR) with 110-240 VAC, 47-64 Hz cube power supply. There are also optional accessories such as speaker microphones and headsets that you can purchase.

If you are already using other UHF two-way radios, the UHF NT can be field-programmed to match those.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires the owners of radios operating on these frequencies to obtain a station license before using them.


  • Channels: 255
  • Analog, Narrow Band Capable
  • UHF, 4/1 Watt, 403-470MHz
  • Battery Life: 13 Hours @ 90/5/5/ Duty Cycle
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3.5 Hours
  • Dimensions: 4.5” H x 2.2” W x 1” D
  • Weight: 10 oz. with Battery Pack
  • Signaling: CTCSS/DCSS/DTMF/SelCall/2-Tone
  • Scrambler: Voice Inversion
  • Prog. Function Buttons: 8
  • Transmitter: TX Power: 2 Watt/4 Watt
  • Receiver: Sensitivity:. .25uV
  • Audio Output Power: 1 Watt
  • Applicable Mil-Std & IP Environmental Ratings: Military Standard 810F, Procedure 501.4 for Temperature, Humidity, Shock and Vibration
  • International Protection Standard – IP65, Resistance to dust and water
  • Narrow Frequency Channel Steps: 2.5/6/25/12.5KHz
  • 13 Hour Battery Pack with Low Battery Alert
  • 2-Pin Audio Accessory Connector
  • Backlit Alphanumeric Dot Matrix 14 Character Display
  • 6 Programmable Function Buttons (PFB)
  • Channel Scan - Priority and Normal
  • CTCSS/DCSS Encode/Decode
  • Selective Signaling Encode/Decode: DTMF, Selcal and 2-Tone (300-3000Hz)
  • Radio Status Icons
  • VOX Hands-free Capability
  • FCC Approved
  • IC Industry Canada - Pending
  • Each NT radio includes: rechargeable battery pack, spring-action belt clip, antenna, drop-in rapid rate charging tray w/ AC adaptor.
  • Each radio includes spring-action belt clip, flex antenna, 1800mAh Li-ion battery and rapid

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