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UHF Voice Notification Wireless Transmitter 2-Watt

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This transmitter sends out recorded messages to other devices on the same channel.
Part Number: RT1083
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The UHF Voice Notification Wireless Transmitter (VNWT) is a wireless radio transmitter that reports changes in the status of switches by transmitting user-recorded voice messages to handheld two-way radios or base station intercoms. It transmits a recorded voice message when the switch change occurs, and at intervals you select.

Because you provide and connect the switches, your VNWT can report on the status of intrusion, tampering, equipment malfunction, liquid levels, machinery, pressure, temperature, power, smoke, or leakage. There is latching Input mode if repeated transmissions are desired when a momentary switch (i.e. a push-button) is used.

The VNWT is easily programmed to transmit on either an existing radio frequency or on other UHF frequencies in the UHF 450-470 Mhz range. Radio equipped personnel to hear voice messages instantly, and to be advised of the current condition of each monitored location or device.

VNWT is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure so it an be installed in a wide variety of indoor or outdoor locations. Because its six internal AA Alkaline batteries will power the unit for about a year, VNWT does not require AC line power.

A single set of 6 AA Alkaline batteries powers the Quick Talk for nearly one year or approximately 12000 transmissions.

Preprogrammed voice messages are included, which are "Switch Open" and "Switch Closed" so you do not necessarily need to record your own messages.

This system can also be used for a Wireless Emergency Notification System. You could put one of these devices in your command center and it enables you to connect up to four push button switches to it. One switch could transmit a voice message that says something like "Emergency, evacuate the building." Another button could send a message like "Warning, take shelter now." The messages can be programmed to repeat several times.

The maximum message length is 24 seconds if only one message is used. When a switch status changes, it can play up to 9 times per transmission, it will then drop for a minimum of 30 seconds and then play another 9 times. It will only stop when the switch position changes back to its original position. You can have it continue to play at that schedule for as long as the switch is in that position.

Programmable delay time between message transmission of 30 seconds or 1/2/5/10/30/60/120 minutes

An optional keyfob wireless remote control is also available that can be used to trigger a message from up to 150 feet away. This unit requires installation of a wireless receiver board so call us to custom order it.


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