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Video Cell Phone Intercom with Keypad

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Your Price: $2,249.00
This is our popular WiFi intercom with video but now it has cell phone capability. It uses cell phone service so you can see and talk to people from anywhere.
Part Number: IO1052
If you want to see and talk to who ever is at your gate or door no matter where in the world you are this is another great option. You don't need to run wires back to your building since it uses a cell phone carrier to place a call when someone presses the button on the intercom. That call can be your phone number and if you don't answer it can roll over to two other numbers. These numbers can be landline or mobile phones.

What's different about this intercom is it now adds video capabilities to our cell phone network intercoms. So now using an app on your phone you can see who is at your door or gate.

This intercom is based on our Wifi Video System with Keypad but it uses the LAN port on it to attach a 4G cellphone modem to give it the ability to use cell phone service.

This product uses an external 4G modem that will need to be mounted near the gate intercom housing. The modem and gate intercom are connected via a CAT5 patch cable. Both units need power. The gate intercom gets its power from an included 24vDC power supply. The modem gets its power from an included 24vDC Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter.

To use this intercom, you will need a good 4G AT&T or TMobile cell phone signal at the gate with at least 1 MegaByte UPLOAD data speed.

The 4G cellphone modem comes with a SIM card for AT&T and instructions on how to activate it. Click here for: AT&T Pricing

You will download wifi-PRO 2 app on the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

This intercom is capable of full duplex speech, which means two people can have a conversation and appear to speak at the same time. Since various manufacturers of Android phones, iPhones and tablets all differ in acoustic performance, and different users may require varying levels of volume on their own handset, it may be possible to setup some devices in full duplex mode but others may need to be set in half duplex mode (phone user will press to talk). This may also be required if a phone is in a particularly noisy environment, or the intercom is located near a busy main road with high levels of traffic noise.


  • Includes a 4G modem for cellular connection to the Internet
  • Can work from a Wi-Fi signal as well as the cell phone network
  • Open gate from anywhere in the world (data or WiFi connection required on your phone)
  • Makes video calls to Apple and Android devices through the wifi-PRO 2 app
  • Records video of visitor to your phone when you press a button
  • Works with AT&T and T-Mobile (AT&T preferred)
  • AT&T SIM card included along with instructions for activation
  • Low data use (approximatedly 80 visitor calls per 1/2 Gig of data)
  • Keypad
  • Full-duplex or half-duplex speech
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Can connect to WiFi too
  • Power: 24vdc (adapters included)
  • Relay Outputs: 2
  • Relay type: Normally Open & Normally Closed
  • Relay time: Adjustable 1-10 seconds
  • Relay load: 2A 24v AC max
  • IP rating: IP55
  • Camera: IR cut filter for true color by day
  • Night vision: Yes, by infrared illumination
  • Hold open button on app
  • Camera viewing angle: 110 degrees
  • Keypad: Yes
  • Keypad relays: 3
  • Keypad codes: 1200
  • Needs good 4G AT&T or TMobile cell phone signal at the gate with at least 1 MegaByte UPLOAD data speed
  • Dimensions: 5.5" H x 10.3" W, Depth (top) 4.1", Depth (bottom) 2.8"


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