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Bridge the Labor Shortage Gap with a Customer Service Callbox or the Voice Notification Transmitter
As the world recovers from a pandemic and enters a recession, many industries are facing a labor shortage crisis. Finding suitable candidates for open positions has become a challenge, affecting various fields. In this difficult situation, companies need practical solutions to address their immediate needs, and the Customer Service Callbox and the Voice Notification Transmitter from can be just what they need.

These transmitters transmit pre-recorded messages to a single walkie-talkie, a network of portable radios, or a wireless PA system to alert employees to any need or occurrence. In a retail setting, the transmitters can function as a customer assistance button in areas with staffing shortages or locked display cases. In manufacturing plants, they can be placed on the line to request additional parts or notify maintenance of a machine issue. They can also monitor access or entry points, water levels in tanks, power failures, or any status change application.

Both transmitters offer a practical way to leverage existing radios and fill staffing gaps cost-effectively and help employees be more productive and efficient.

The Customer Service Callbox and the Voice Notification Transmitter offer a practical solution to bridge the labor shortage crisis and address the immediate needs of today's employers. These transmitters can be used in various settings, such as retail, manufacturing, and monitoring access or entry points. Companies can leverage their existing radios and fill staffing gaps cost-effectively, improving productivity and efficiency.

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