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Warehouse Intercom System

A warehouse intercom system, also called a wireless PA system for warehouses, is usually used for trying to get the attention of warehouse workers to give them all a message or to have one of them call back.

To keep from having to run wires all over the warehouse where they can get damaged by all the movement going on, we recommend installing wireless public address (PA) speakers to broadcast a message to all staff, and then if an individual staff member is needed, they can walk to wireless intercoms or callboxes spread throughout the warehouse to return the call. Alternatively, they can use a handheld radio to respond.

The office will use a desktop base station wireless intercom to transmit and receive calls. It has multiple channels so you can leave it set to Channel 1, which will be the channel used to broadcast messages to the wireless PA units spread throughout the warehouse.

The intercoms in the warehouse will be set to Channel 2 and when workers call in the intercom in the office will be set to scan the channels and it will lock in on that channel so the office can talk to the warehouse worker. That way conversation can take place without being broadcast over the Wireless PA units.

In the warehouse you can use a couple of different intercoms for the workers to call back. The wireless callboxes are durable enough for outdoor use and they only have a single button so there is nothing that can get changed by employees.

The same base station used in the office can also be wall mounted at various locations in the warehouse. The downside of this is users could change the channels, but you can program it with only one channel.

At full volume setting the wireless PA units will output 102db at 12 feet away and 84db at around 100 feet so if properly located in the warehouse one PA receiver can cover a good amount of floorspace. You can also centrally locate a unit and add an additional speaker to each receiver for a little greater coverage area.

So using these products you can build a warehouse intercom system that will solve your warehouse communication problems. If you need some assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can see pricing on the products below.

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Commercial Base Station Two Way Radio MURS Commercial Wireless Intercom (1 unit)

This unit has a small, rugged metal case and is designed for industrial applications. It is desk or wall-mountable, and has a range of up to 2 miles.

Our Price: $345.00
Sale Price: $299.00
You save $46.00!
Outdoor Wireless Intercom System MURS Outdoor Wireless Intercom System - Green

This high-visibility, outdoor-rated callbox can be used anywhere you need 2-way communication quickly. All MURS devices are FCC license free.

Our Price: $647.00
Sale Price: $583.00
You save $64.00!
Two Way Radio Wireless PA MURS/UHF/VHF/GRMS/FRS Wireless PA System

This Wireless PA System is extremely flexible and works with MURS, UHF. VHF, GRMS, and FRS radios.  You can use your existing radios or new ones.

Our Price: $598.00
Two Way Radio Wireless PA DMR Digital Wireless PA System

This DMR Wireless PA System works with radios that use the DMR digital standard. It provides the same benefits as our other wireless PA systems but for digital radios.

Our Price: $698.00