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45 Day Trial Button carries the best wireless intercom systems on the market. The MURS frequency has a range that is measured in miles, not feet. Actual range of any wireless device varies depending on lots of factors that are described here: two way radio range

We don't carry the "wireless" intercoms that communicate over your building wiring. One of these type of products is the Westinghouse Wireless Intercom. We found that returns were much higher on these systems. One problem with them is that they are prone to interference from appliances and electric equipment. The other is that a building's wiring is usually done in two phases and the signal doesn't always cross to the other phase. So they may work fine in half the building, but not the other half.

The MURS wireless intercom system is what you need if you need long-range or want to use the intercom in a concrete or metal building (you may need to use an external antenna, which MURS is capable of using). This type of construction greatly reduces the range of a wireless intercom, but in many cases, a MURS wireless intercom will have the power to make it through these walls without use of an external antenna. It depends on how far you are trying to reach. These factors are all described in the article about two way radio range above. The MURS intercoms have a wider variety of compatible products so they are able to solve more communication problems for business and residential use.

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Wireless Intercom System