If you're looking for the best Wireless Baby Monitor that has a long range, provides secure digital conversations, doesn't give you static noise all night, and one that won't wind up in a closet when you no longer need a baby monitor, then you have just found the best baby monitor for you.

The WireFree Intercom System provides longer range than other baby monitor systems. Some of the top selling baby monitors only have a range of 400 feet. The WireFree wireless system has a range of up to 1000 feet. If you have a larger house or yard, you'll be able to take the listening unit with you and still be assured that your baby can be heard.

Most baby monitors are also highly susceptible to all forms of interference. Imagine trying to sleep with a baby monitor that produces snaps and pops all night long. What good is a baby monitor that gives you false alerts all time? Some people even sleep with earplugs just to drown out the noise these baby monitors make. But if you do that, how will you hear the baby when she needs you? The WireFree system is fully digital and free from irritating interference that keeps you up all night.

Unlike most baby monitors, you can even adjust the sensitivity so you don't have to hear every little noise the baby makes if you don't want to. If the sensitivity of most baby monitors is too high, getting a good night sleep is difficult for some people. For most situations you don't need a high sensitivity since babies have a way of loudly letting you know when they need your attention.

One big benefit of the WireFree over most one-way baby monitors is that it provides two-way communication. You can talk back to the baby even while hearing the audio from the unit being monitored. Your soothing voice may be all your baby needs to get back to sleep. So you can get back to sleep yourself.

The WireFree system is truly wireless so you won't have to plug in an AC wall adapter if you don't want to. In normal intercom mode the WireFree will run up to one year on just four AA batteries . In Monitor mode it will run for a day or two of continuous usage.

Battery power will come in handy when you want to take the units along to grandma's house. Just throw them in a bag and go!

If you do want to put the unit in the babies' room on an AC adapter, an optional power adapter is available too.

What's great about having both AC and battery power is that if you lose power to your home, your baby monitor still functions. Most baby monitors require AC power and if that dies, your baby's cries go unheard.

If you decide you don't want to carry your monitor from room to room, the WireFree system enables you to add additional monitors. Each room can have its own baby monitor. Remember that the WireFree is an intercom system too so in this case they serve dual purpose.

So even though the WireFree is a little more expensive than your average wireless baby monitor, when you get to the point you no longer need a baby monitor, you won't have to throw this one out like you will every other cheap brand.

With the WireFree system you'll still be able to use it as an intercom system for your house. The WireFree Wireless system is so easy to use, you can keep it in your child's room and he or she can use it to communicate with you during the day or night. Or you can put it in the "play" room to monitor the children's activities. You can also use the WireFree system to communicate with your spouse too.

I bought the WireFree Intercoms to be able to talk to my grand babies who live upstairs in my house. I like these intercoms because they are easy to install and they let me talk in a normal voice instead of shouting at the kids upstairs. I also don't have to climb the stairs to wake my grand kids up to get ready for school. If they need me its easy for them to let me know. I know they are safe, and they can feel safe knowing I can hear them if they need me. I am enjoying the intercoms very much. Any time I buy something and I don't feel like I got ripped off, I love bragging about the product. Virginia Marlow ? Jefferson, GA

The WireFree intercom system is also not just confined to your house. Going camping? Bring the intercoms along to communicate between tents or campers. Going on a vacation? Bring the intercoms along to communicate from your hotel room to the beach or pool. The WireFree units are totally battery powered so they go anywhere.

You can even use the WireFree Outdoor Wireless Intercom in yours hower to monitor your baby while you shower! This outdoor intercom can also be used at your front door to talk to visitors...or get rid of a pesky door-to-door sales person without having to talk face to face.

Another good application for the outdoor intercom is for communicating with older children. Since it only has one big button, there is nothing for them to change. They can easily press a button to call you, or you can easily call them.

There is also a weakness in most baby monitors that could be putting your family at risk.

Imagine what would happen if someone could listen to conversations going on in your house. What kind of sensitive information could you be talking about? How might a potential thief, kidnapper, or rapist benefit from knowing your daily routine?

With most of the top selling wireless baby monitors on the market today, you are essentially "bugging" your own home so anyone with a scanner or even a cordless phone can listen in on your private conversations.

Very few wireless baby monitors use secure digital technology. They still communicate via analog technology or unscrambled digital technology.

The WireFree system uses a 900 MHz digitally secure radio link between units to keep your conversations private . Even other WireFree units not programmed for your network can't hear your conversations.

Before you take the plunge and purchase a wireless baby monitor, seriously consider how you will be using it. Are you concerned about the security issues with cheaper wireless baby monitors? Can you live with the interference problems that analog technology baby monitors have? Would you find it beneficial to invest in a system you can use beyond your baby's infancy?

Answering these questions honestly will help you decide that the WireFree Wireless system is right for you.


"I don't usually write notes of praise to manufacturers, but then again I don't usually install products that work and exceed my expectations the first time either. I bought my wife and myself four WireFree flush mount intercoms... It turns out that deciding where to install them and making the decision to cut into the walls were the hardest part of the installation. They work perfectly. Thank you for making a product that works so well and was such a pleasure to set up. " - Daniel Mahaffey. (email on record)

"I am very excited about your "WireFree" products. I feel the distance, quality, and value are accceptional! The range coverage is superb, being 3-4 times as much as anyone else using wireless, and is very cost effective. I believe 100 % in your "WireFree" products, and believe your success in marketing this product line is simply by showing people your product, and what is available to them." - Chris (email on record)
"I just purchased and installed a "WIREFREE INTERCOM" This thing is great, simply to use and nothing to install, why can't other companies make simple stuff. You have a very good product." - Mike Murphy (email on record)


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