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You are authorized to operate your MURS station from:

(a) Within or over any area of the world where radio services are regulated by the FCC.

Those areas are within the territorial limits of:

(1) The fifty United States.

(2) The District of Columbia.


Caribbean Insular areas

(3) Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

(4) Navassa Island.

(5) United States Virgin Islands (50 islets and cays).


Pacific Insular areas

(6) American Samoa (seven islands).

(7) Baker Island.

(8) Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.

(9) Guam Island.

(10) Howland Island.

(11) Jarvis Island.

(12) Johnston Island (Islets East, Johnston, North and Sand).

(13) Kingman Reef.

(14) Midway Island (Islets Eastern and Sand).

(15) Palmyra Island (more than 50 islets).

(16) Wake Island (Islets Peale, Wake and Wilkes).



(17) MURS is not approved for use in Canada, however Industry Canada doesn't seem to be enforcing these rules and plans are in place to have MURS approved by 2014 [Industry Canada decided not to approve use of MURS].

MURS Radios will not be shipped to any other areas of the world.

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