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Window IntercomYou want to provide protection for your employees from customer attacks and viruses, but you want to do it in a way that doesn't negatively impact customer service. A security glass window does all that as long as you have a good window intercom system to go along with it. Just having a hole in the window doesn't provide good communication, nor does it fully protect employees from viruses, bullets, or other dangers.

The type of glass window speaker intercom system you use depends on whether the glass has a hole in it or not. If it currently has a hole, or you can cut one, then you need an intercom that mounts in the hole to close it up. If you need bullet resistance there are addon options to these security window intercoms to provide that so the intercom is not a weak link in the system. Since there different hole sizes, you may need an adapter plate to accommodate the hole size you have.

Counter Window IntercomIf you need a wireless window intercom system, and you have a window with a hole, then a window speaker system that uses a rechargeable battery will give you a clean wireless look. To recharge the intercom you simply plug in a charger after hours. If you don't have a hole, then unfortunately there aren't any high-quality wireless options so we recommend using a 2-way window counter intercom speaker system that will require running a short piece of cable through the counter on each side. You can find really low cost wireless intercoms on Amazon that claim to be full-duplex, but these really don't give good performance plus you still have to run power wires to them so they aren't truly wireless.

Noise cancelling window intercomNo matter which type of ticket window intercom you choose, audio quality is of the utmost importance. We've all experienced poor audio quality on customer service window intercoms and this is no way to treat the people who bring money in to your business. If you have an area that has background noise then you want a system that can filter some of this out. If you have a very high noise environment, then you need a system that has full noise cancellation with an amplified speaker.

In addition to good audio you want to make sure the customer doesn't have to touch the intercom to talk. No one wants to have to touch something hundreds of other people have touched these days.

If you are on a low budget there is a low-cost wired window intercom available. It consists of a speaker with a call button on the customer side, and a counter-top master station on the teller side. Customers do not have to press the call button as long as you know they are there. On the master side it has a button that is push-to-talk and release-to-listen. You can leave in an always-listen mode so you can hear customers coming too. The downside of this system is that there is no noise cancellation so you will hear all noises. There are versions of the customer-side station that can be counter-mounted or wall-mounted.
wall mount window intercomcounter mount window intercom
These Security Window Intercom Systems are used at ticket windows, box office windows, cashier windows, bank teller windows, customer service windows, or anywhere a glass window speaker is needed. With them you can provide the protection your employees need, without angering your customers with poor communication through the window.

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