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When most people think of a wireless apartment entry system they think of some sort of intercom mounted on a wall or on a table in the apartment and then some multi-button transmitter intercom station at the door. While attempts at these have been made, for large buildings they are not practical and they have failed. We do have a system like this that supports up to 4 apartments, but for larger buildings you will need a different technology.

For larger buildings there are two ways to keep from having the expense of running wires to every unit.

The first one uses Wi-Fi. You would have a Wi-Fi signal at your door or gate that connects the intercom to the Internet. Then people can see and talk to visitors through their smartphone or tablet PC. So this type of wireless door entry system for apartments has both audio and video, but it does require tenants who are more tech savvy.

The next wireless door entry system for apartments option for larger buildings uses cell phone technology. The intercom at the door or gate has its own cell phone plan and it will call the tenant's landline or cell phone.
With either system the tenants do not even have to be home to talk to people and they can open the door or gate remotely.

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