1. Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

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This transmitter can be used with the Wireless Doorbell Receiver to sound a doorbell tone when a button is pressed.
Part Number: UT-3000

The Wireless Doorbell Transmitter operates on a 9 volt battery and has several different methods of activation. It is ideal for locations that are difficult to wire.

First, it has a push button that can be used as a panic button or a wireless doorbell transmitter.

Since this unit is not weatherproof, to use it as an outdoor doorbell, simply cut the wire to your existing doorbell button and connect it to the terminals for either a normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) input that this unit has. These inputs can be used with any detector contacts or push button.

Now the Wireless Doorbell Transmitter sends a wireless signal up to 600 feet back to either the Portable Doorbell Receiver or the Wireless Doorbell Receiver.


  • Can be used with the Wireless Doorbell Transmitter as a panic button for elderly or disabled.
  • Although the maximum range is about 600 feet, things such as hills, trees, metal siding and stucco can all reduce the range.

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