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If you need a wireless intercom for an elderly or disabled person, there are several solutions available. The best choice depends on your specific situation.

Wireless Radio Frequency Communication

MURS Multi-Mile Wireless Intercoms

Wireless Elderly IntercomThe MURS Multi-Mile Wireless Intercom system offers long-range communication, spanning miles rather than just feet like other wireless intercoms. It supports the addition of external antennas for extended range capabilities. The product line includes a fixed base station intercom and a handheld two-way radio for mobility, suitable for use within homes or between neighboring houses.

For elderly or disabled individuals living in nearby residences, these intercoms facilitate quick communication between them. Simply press the "PTT" button to talk and release it to listen.

You can use multiple devices together in any combination as needed.

Note that while the base intercom includes a Monitor button, it doesn't function like a continuous baby monitor due to FCC regulations prohibiting continuous transmission on MURS frequencies. This feature is designed to monitor conversations on the channels before transmitting.

Amazon Echo

This solution offers far more than just two-way communication—it's activated via voice commands, making it ideal for quadriplegic, vision-impaired (blind), disabled, or elderly individuals. Known as Echo, this product comes in several versions, with the most affordable option being the Echo Dot.

The main requirement of this system is internet service and a Wi-Fi router, along with an Amazon account for Alexa, which powers Echo. You can set up all devices under your own account, regardless of their location. Initial setup requires a smartphone withEcho Dot for disbled the Alexa app, but once configured, the smartphone is not necessary for everyday use. Changes to the system can be managed remotely, making it convenient for caregivers setting up systems for elderly parents, even across long distances.

For intercom functionality, Echo features a "Drop In" feature that allows calling other Echo devices within your system configured to receive calls. Each Echo device can be named appropriately (e.g., Kitchen, Office, Master Bedroom), enabling easy connection by saying, "Alexa, drop in Kitchen," facilitating hands-free communication without pressing any buttons. To end a call, simply say, "Alexa, hang up."

Additionally, Echo can place calls to phones listed in your contacts by saying, "Alexa, call Mom," enabling hands-free conversation through your Echo device. For those desiring a video screen, options like Echo Spot or Echo Show are available, useful with video doorbells to see and communicate with visitors at your front door remotely.

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