Q: I want a voice only wireless intercom, but I don't know whether to choose the MURS Multi-Mile or the WireFree intercom system. Which one should I choose?

A: It first comes down to range. If you need less than 1000 feet, pick the WireFree. It is cheaper and it provides digital security whereas the MURS does not. The MURS does have privacy codes so you won't hear other people on your channel, unless they are set to the same privacy code (38 available). The Wirefree system also can be run totally battery powered and it has an outdoor intercom available for future expansions. The MURS system does have wireless outdoor intercom call boxes, but they are more industrial looking and much more expensive. If you are concerned about range, then the MURS has the longest range of any wireless intercom system on the market. It is also on a wireless frequency that doesn't have much traffic.

Q:Do walls and other obstructions limit the ranges specified for the wireless intercoms?

A: Yes. The ranges specified are for the most part clear line of site ranges. So if you are in a Kansas wheat field with no obstructions between wireless intercom units, you should easily get the range listed. However, when you have walls in the way, range will go down. Brick walls reduce range more than drywall does. Metal-framed walls reduce range more than wood-framed walls. A wall filled with electrical wires every foot or so will reduce range more than one with only one or two wires in it. There is no magic way to determine whether a wireless intercom will work in your application so you just need to try it and return it if it doesn't.

Q. We have a workshop that is a metal building in our backyard, which wireless intercom will work in it?

A. The WireFree intercom system most likely isn't strong enough to make it though the walls of the building into the house. The better choice for this application is the high-powered MURS Multi-Mile base intercom. The MURS Multi-Mile intercoms have the power to punch through both the metal walls of the building plus brick walls of a house. The range will be significantly less than four miles, but for most applications they should still work. We do have a 45-day full-purchase price return policy if they don't.

Q:Will your intercoms interfere with my wireless network for my computers?

A: Wireless home PC networks operate in the 2.4GHz range. Our voice only wireless intercoms operate in other frequencies so they won't interfere.

Q:I provide caregiving services for my elderly parent an I'm looking for a wireless intercom I can use to talk to them. What do you recommend?

A: That depends on the capabilities of your parent. If your parent is not capable of pressing a button, then you would need the UWS WireFree Portable intercom which can be put into Monitor mode (we recommend you use AC power in this mode.). In Monitor mode the intercom in their room will transmit audio continuously. You will need to ensure that the unit is as close to where they will be sitting/laying as possible.

If your parent can press a button, then you can use the UWS WireFree Portable intercoms in normal mode. But the WireFree Portable has multiple buttons and your parent could accidentally change the channel your intercom would not communicate with theirs. If you want to ensure that this doesn't happen, either the UWS WireFree Outdoor intercom or the UWS WireFree Doorbell Intercom could be used. These intercoms only have one large button so there is no way they can change the channel. All they can do is press the button to call you. the WireFree Doorbell intercom lets them press the button once and a tone sounds on your intercom and they can speak instantly. They don't have to press a button again to talk. The downside of this intercom is you can't call them until they press their button. With the WireFree Outdoor intercom they have to press a button every time they want to talk. But you can call them anytime you like.

Q:I need a wireless intercom that can call from one main room to four different rooms individually . Do you have a wireless intercom that will do this?

A: The WireFree Intercom System has four channels and each room could be set to a different channel. The main intercom can be set to monitor all four channels so the rooms can call it. When the main intercom responds, a private conversation occurs. If the main room needs to call one of the rooms, you would press the Channel button to match the channel of that room. At the end of the call, you would put the intercom back in the "monitor all channels" mode by pressing the Channel button until all four channel lights are on.

The MURS Multi-Mile wireless intercom has 5 channels, but it does not have the ability to monitor all 5 channels at once. However the MURS Commercial Base intercom does have the scan all channel mode.

Q: I need a wireless door intercom for my front door and a wireless intercom inside my house. What system do you recommend?

A: Our WireFree Wireless Outdoor Intercom will work for this. They come in sets of two so you could use the second one inside the house. You can also pair these with the WireFree indoor portable units. We also have the WireFree Doorbell and Intercom kit that comes with one outside unit and one Portable intercom. See the product descriptions for the differences between the two options.

Q:I need an intercom in a commercial building. Should I go with wireless or wired?

A: A wired system would likely provide the most reliable service, but it depends on your building. In most cases a commercial wireless system will do fine. But the more concrete and electrical equipment you have, the higher the chance that the wireless system won't work for you. If you can afford the expense of running the wiring, then you know the system will work. We do have a 45-day return policy, so if you want to try wireless, you have nothing to risk except shipping costs. If you go wireless, use the license-free MURS Wireless System or pick a UHF system that needs an FCC license to operate.

Q: I need an intercom in a room in our business that will allow me to call into that room to see if someone is there, and if someone is in that room they need to be able to respond without pressing a button. Will the WireFree intercom support that?

A: Yes, it has a VOX (voice activation) mode that lets someone respond to a page from another intercom without having to press a button. They will need to speak loudly to activate the microphone and there is an approximate one second delay before the microphone is activated so the first part of the response could be clipped. As an example, if the user says, "Yes, I am here." The "yes" may not be heard.

Q:For the WireFree Intercom System or the MURS system, is there one master base station and then separate slave sub-stations?

A: No, all the stations are the same. All the units are exactly the same unit whether you buy a set of two, or you add on a single unit. You can mix these units anyway you like.

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