I was talking to my client, John, the other day who owned a three-story condo in midtown Atlanta and he was telling me about how he was intently working in his office on the top floor when he was interrupted by a ringing doorbell.

When John opened the door he was confronted by a pizza delivery boy holding a pizza he hadn't even ordered. Needless to say he wasn't happy about having his concentration interrupted, or by making the journey all the way downstairs...and then all the way back up again.

Of course my client's condo wasn't wired for a home intercom system or door phone, and trying to retrofit it for one would mean tearing up the drywall and hundreds of dollars spent in the process.

So that's when I suggested he purchase the WireFree Intercom System with the WireFree Wireless Outdoor Intercom unit. This long-life battery powered system is 100% wireless so it can be quickly and easily installed anywhere.

The WireFree Intercom System has a 1000 foot range so it has no problem communicating between floors. It has digital security so nosy neighbors can't listen in. Being digital it also produces crystal clear sound without the noisy interference many wireless products have. Especially those cheap intercom system units that use house wiring or FM for their 2-way audio transmission.

The best part is the WireFree wireless intercom system is expandable so additional units can be added anytime. You can even add a remote door lock so you can just press a button to unlock your front door without getting out of your chair. That's good for when you just want the UPS or FedEx person to just slip the package in the door.

Now John isn't continually climbing stairs to talk to delivery people, Jehovah's witnesses, or pesky door-to-door sales people every time the doorbell rings. He's much more able to keep his concentration going during these interruptions so his productivity remains high. And now the pizza delivery guy's life isn't at risk if he ever makes that mistake again.


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