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When considering wireless intercom systems for use in Canada, it's essential to understand the regulations set by Industry Canada. One notable restriction is that MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) wireless intercoms are not approved for use in Canada. Despite this limitation, there are several UHF (Ultra High Frequency) intercom options that are fully compliant with Canadian regulations.

UHF Intercom Options

Desktop Intercoms

Desktop IntercomDesktop intercoms are a versatile and user-friendly option for various settings, including homes, offices, and commercial spaces. These intercoms are designed to sit on a desk or table, providing easy access and clear communication. They typically offer multiple channels making them ideal for environments where quick and reliable communication is essential.

Mobile Handheld Radios

For those who need mobility, handheld radios are an excellent choice. These devices are portable, allowing users to communicate while on the move. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, security, and event management. Handheld radios often come with a range of features including long battery life, durable construction, and multiple channels, ensuring that users can stay connected in various conditions. These can be used in conjunction with the desktop intercoms and the wireless call boxes below.

Wireless Call Boxes

call box and handheldWireless callboxes are perfect for outdoor or remote locations where wired communication systems are impractical. These devices can be installed at entry points, gates, or other strategic locations to provide a reliable communication link. Wireless callboxes are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be equipped with features like two-way communication, call button activation, and integration with existing security systems.

Legal Considerations

When selecting a wireless intercom system for use in Canada, it's crucial to choose devices that comply with Industry Canada's regulations. UHF intercom systems meet these requirements and offer a wide range of options to suit different needs. Whether you need a desktop intercom for an office setting, a mobile handheld radio for on-the-go communication, or a wireless callbox for remote locations, there are legal and effective solutions available. There are unlicensed frequencies that can be used, or you can get a license for a particular frequency from Industry Canada.

Shipping to Canada

We understand the importance of having access to reliable communication systems, which is why we offer shipping to Canada for our approved UHF intercom products. Our selection includes a variety of intercom types to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you can find the right solution for your environment.

While MURS wireless intercoms are not approved for use in Canada, there are plenty of UHF intercom options that are both legal and effective. From desktop intercoms and mobile handheld radios to wireless callboxes, you can find a system that meets your communication needs. Ensure compliance with Industry Canada regulations and enjoy seamless communication with our range of approved products. Call 888-298-9489 and let us help you choose the right device for your needs.